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The Informer vs The Question NFL Picks Challenge: Thursday Night Football

The NFL rule states this is great coverage by Carolina Panthers LB Luke Kuechly

Did you all see the NFL is standing behind the decision the refs made at the end of the Carolina Panthers 24-20 Monday Night Football victory over the New England Patriots?

They are saying that the refs made a judgment call about the ball not being catchable and even though there was obvious grabbing and tackling of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, the non-pass interference call was the right decision.

(Brace yourselves, The Informer is about to go off the deep end.)

How in the bluest of H.E. Double Hockey-sticks was it the right decision? Didn’t we do away with the uncatchable rule when the NFL instituted the “illegal contact after five yards” penalty?

Remember that rule where a defender on the opposite side of the field is not allowed to look in the general direction of the wide receiver, or he will get called for a five yard penalty?

The Informer swears he is not making this up, the rule actually exists.

On Sunday night (to be honest it could have been Sunday afternoon; The Informer was a touch under the weather if you get my drift) there was a third down play with a pass to the right side of the field falling incomplete.

Naturally one would assume the team was going to punt right?

Nope, the ref on the far side of the field threw a flag because the corner back had illegally touched a receiver, who was not involved in the play, when he was five yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

The penalty resulted in a free five yards and an automatic first down.

No, it did not matter that the ball wasn’t catchable (it was thrown on the opposite side of the field so The Informer is assuming the ball was not catchable) the rule is no illegal contact down field after five yards.

So, let me ask one question: How can a ref throw a flag when he sees a guy getting tackled and then pick up said flag because the ball was uncatchable? It does not make sense.

Illegal contact is illegal contact.

It is pretty cut and dry.

“Informer you do know the illegal contact rule only works if the quarterback still has the ball? If you watch the Gronkowski play, you can see that he is tackled after Brady throws the ball, thus there was no illegal contact."

The only call that could have been made was pass interference, which means the “No illegal contact” call was actually correct. Again you were aware of the actual rule before you started ranting right?”

Umm . . . Hold on one second, The Informer needs to do some investigating.

Well, how do you like them apples?

It turns out the figment of my imagination is one hundred percent correct. Illegal contact can only be called when the quarterback still has the ball.

And since it is very clear in the video that “Gronk” is not tackled until after the throw, the refs actually would be able to make the no pass interference call based on the fact that the ball was uncatchable in their judgment.

Man it is a good thing The Informer didn’t spend four hours writing and researching a 1500 word article about how the referees screwed Tom Brady and the Patriots by making the wrong call.

Can you imagine how dumb he would have looked ranting and raving over a rule he knew nothing about?

(The Informer note – Here is a link to the NFL rules book . . . In addition to the rule book link here is a link to The Informer’s entire article before he read the illegal contact rule. And finally here is a link of Adam Sandler screaming how it would have been nice to know this information yesterday.)

“Informer no one cares that Brady and the Patriots didn’t get a call, or that you don’t know the NFL rule book. Honestly the Patriots have been getting every call for the past decade, think “Tuck-rule”, so it is nice that the refs actually had the nerve to not be berated by Brady into making a call go there way.

Also we all have known you were the ‘Mis Informer’ from the moment you picked the Pittsburgh Steelers to make the playoffs and the Kansas City Chiefs to finish under .500; so really who cares that you look like a moron for ranting about an NFL rule you know nothing about.

At the end of the day, the only thing you need to remember from Monday night is Brady drools and Cam Newton rules.”

Fair enough.

On that note: how about we forget The Informer even brought up the “Illegal Contact” rule and just talk about the New Orleans Saints @ the Atlanta Falcons Thursday Night Football game?


“The Question”

Thursday night football means sloppy play, numerous injuries and no rhyme or reason to why anyone should be picking these games.

I am taking the home underdog because next week is Thanksgiving and NBC’s The Blacklist is all new this Monday.

Like I said, there is no rhyme or reason to picking these Thursday night games; so picking the Falcons because of Thanksgiving and The Blacklist is pretty much the same as picking them due to the fact that 82 percent of the public is taking the Saints.

Pick: Falcons +10

“The Informer”

Does anyone remember why The Informer wrote the words “The Atlanta Falcons will make the Super Bowl?”

Anyone . . . Bueller . . . Bueller . . .?

Do people still get the Bueller reference?

Anyways, which means don’t try to confuse The Informer with your Ferris Bueller's Days Off questions while he is writing about his terrible Super Bowl pick, it is time to finally drive the last nail into the Falcon’s Super Bowl prediction coffin.

The Informer can only think of one way to do it.

Pick: Falcons win this game outright 27-24

Oh yea . . . The Informer almost forgot.

Here are 16 ladies from Florida State University singing that “Ruler” song The Informer loves so much.

Enjoy your Thursday Night Football everyone.

Let the “Dirty Birds” be your ruler.

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