Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stephen Curry: The Baby Face

On the Left, Curry sitting in his father's lap, smiling. On the Right, Curry laughing on the court.

Much hasn't changed since then; the hair, the cheeky smile ... the Baby Face. In a recent interview with Dan LeBatard, Steph Curry admitted to being ID'ed to get into Clubs and R-Rated movies. It's not like Curry just turned 20, he's 25. Freakin' 25! He also is married and has a one-year-old daughter, Riley. Unbelievable; I feel for him. He even went on to admit that he'd been asked for ID for an R-Rated movie once during the last six months.

The better question than, "can I see your ID sir?", is, "how is Stephen Curry still ID'ed at clubs and R-Rated movies?!"

Stephen Curry should be known across in America by now, even to non-basketball fans. Girls, that aren't even basketball fans, know him and a bouncer at a club doesn't know him? Isn't there anyone yelling, "Hey, that's Stephen Curry!", when he goes out? Curry should be able to just walk into a club like it's nothing. He should already have some secret high five with some bouncers at clubs in the Golden State area. 

Usually, the people working at movie theatres are 30 or under; now at least 60% of the people in there, should know him.

Maybe, just maybe, Stephen Curry will be able to watch R-Rated movies and make it splash in clubs, without being asked, "may I see some ID sir?". 


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