Saturday, November 30, 2013

Michael Crabtree Will Make Season Debut vs. Rams

Michael Crabetree? Has that name drifted off in your mind? Its probably due to his long absence from the game of football as hes sat out most of the 2013 season after tearing his Achilles in May.

Week 13 is a special week for the San Francisco 49ers someone...someone we might have already mentioned will most likely be making his long awaited return. Thats right! Crabtree will be in the 49ers active lineup for the first time since last season.

We can conclude that this is most likely probable as head coach Jim Harbaugh hinted Crabtree's return at his Friday news conference. Harbaugh was asked if Crabtree would play Sunday against the Rams and he responded saying "Looks that way".

Crabtree is also been removed from the teams injury report so now fans really can get exited to see their standout wide receiver back on the field trying to push the 49ers into the upcoming 2013 NFL playoffs.

It has looked like he has had no setbacks since beginning to practice on November 5th, and as a result he will be eased right back into the teams rotation. Will we see him play big minutes against the Rams? Not necessarily.

        -The last time we saw Crabtree  was at Super Bowl XLVII as the 49ers were routed 34-31

San Francisco's offensive coordinator Greg Roman on Thursday revealed much about his standing for Sundays game saying "Crabtree will likely not play extensively right away".

How bad have the 49ers missed him? Id say pretty badly! Crabtree was targeted on a very high 34 percent of the teams plays in the 2012 season.

You can catch the 49ers go up against the Rams on Sunday at 4:05 P.M. (On FOX) Eastern time. First day of December at the famous Candlestick Park in San Fransico! Should be a beautiful day for a great game of football. How much will we actually see of Crabtree? That's a question we will have to wait to answer...

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