Thursday, November 14, 2013

Athletes & Their Conduct With The Fans (Bonus)

On November 6th, 2013, the Winnipeg Jets were visiting the Chicago Blackhawks for professional hockey game and what happened absolutely disgusted me. Watch for yourselves. WARNING: May cause blindness from too much idiocy; proceed with caution.

Adam Pardy was driven in the boards and broke the plexiglass, falling into the stands. During that time in the stands, his helmet was ripped off by a Blackhawks fan, who was clearly drunk, and had beer dumped onto him. I was speechless after watching this. I felt like drowning the fan who did this, with beer. He'd probably drink it all before he could drown anyways. 

Athletes, like Adam Pardy, put their bodies on the line everyday and for what? Getting beer dumped onto you? As far as fans go, look, you can heckle them all you want but when you act upon that prejudice - a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience - it is called discriminating. As far as I know, discriminating is illegal and is a crime.

What can the athletes do about this? Beat up the fan? I mean, they can but they don't want to get suspended 72 games like Ron Artest. What else? Argue with the fan? They could but that only fuels the fans ego; that's the reason they heckle, to get a reaction from you. See! There really is nothing the athlete can do except just shut up and put up with it. Sometimes enough is enough; especially in this situation. If I were Adam Pardy, I would've KO'd the fan in one punch; bing-batta-boom, you have met your doom!. "I play one of the hardest sports in the world, sacrificing my body, just so your drunk a** can dump your beer on me?", is what Pardy probably did say while getting up or should've at least said.

Being a Canucks fan, I consider all of the people who participated in the Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot after they lost to the Bruins, fake fans. If they really were fans, they wouldn't disgrace their team's city and the team overall, that horribly. The majority of the people who participated in it, were intoxicated with an illegal blood/alcohol level. Just like the riot, this fan and the many alike aren't real fans. Phony fans, now that's that sh*t I don't like!

On that note, it's time to talk about the "Bonus", as you must've read already from the title.

Question of the Day:

Should Beer Be Banned From Sports Arenas?

I don't drink alcohol, so I wouldn't understand exactly why people love beer but drunk fans at Sports games confuse me. You pay a couple hundred dollars (depending on team and seating) out of your salary to watch professional athletes play a Sport and you're going to be drunk while watching? What is the point? You\re disoriented so what the heck do you think you can see? Along with that, you're an annoyance to everyone around you and you don't make the smartest decisions, in fact, not smart at all (the aforementioned video). Maybe I do not understand the "greatness" of beer; if fans would have that much of a problem with the banning of beer, put a limit on it. Have a facial recognizance system at the concession stand and you can know how many times the certain person has already drank. Sure, it would cost money but take some money out of your millionaire or billionaire pockets and spare your players, who make you the money, some humility.

The thing is, I doubt this will ever happen because all owners are worried about is making money. 

Comment below on your opinion on this matter. 


  1. It is a shame that some fans abuse their privilege of drinking beer while at a game. Maybe there should be a restriction of how much beer to serve patrons.


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