Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oregon Punishes 2 Basketball Players For Selling Player Exclusive Sneakers

Yesterday it was reported by that Oregon Ducks basketball players Dominic Artis and Ben Carter were suspended for selling the schools sneakers. If you don't know already the Oregon Ducks are outfitted by Nike and receive many original exclusive shoes and apparel because Nike CEO Phil Knight is a Oregon alum.

The suspension for both players will range from 9-12 games while having to pay the amount they sold the shoes for to charity as stated by NCAA rules. Nobody knows which shoes were sold but I would assume that these dudes made some nice pocket change off of their sales. I don't think its that bad that they sold some sneakers so they could make some extra money, it shoes initiative and entrepreneurship which I believe every college student should have.

Do you agree with the NCAA suspension of Artis and Carter?

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