Saturday, November 16, 2013

Division III Basketball Player Scores 71 Points In A Game

Last night, Grinnel College guard Jack Taylor scored 71 points in a 144-99 victory. Yes, 71 POINTS in a single game! You think that's impressive? Taylor scored 138 points in a 179-104 victory last season. His 2012-2013 season was cut short when he broke his right wrist in early January, but this season Taylor is out to prove that he's ready to play, and a 71-point performance in the team's season opener surely helps his case.

The 5'10" guard was 23-for-52 from the floor and 11-for-29 from behind the arc. He sank 14-of-21 free throws and had 2 assists and a steal in 32 minutes.

Taylor scored Grinnel's first 17 points of the game. The Pioneers run a fast pace offense that's designed to put up as many shot attempts, primarily three-pointers, as possible. Defensively, Grinnel swarms the ball in hopes of forcing a turnover and getting points on the transition. That's how Taylor gets so many open looks throughout the duration of the game. If Grinnel keeps up the great play, we might hear Taylor's name again before season's end.

Grinnel's next game is on November 20th against Crossroads, the one-year anniversary of Taylor's 138-point explosion.  

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