Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Effects Of Prince Fielder To The Texas Rangers

By now, I'm sure we are all aware of the shocking, blockbuster trade in whivh the Texas Rangers sent Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers in return for Prince Fielder. But how will this really help the Rangers?

Well, for starters (no pun), it bulks up an already solid texas lineup.

1. Martin
2. Andrus
3. Fielder
4. Beltre
5. Rios
6. Moreland
7. Profar
8. Soto
9. Tavares

It also opens up a strong possibility that Cincinnati OF Shin Soo-Choo could sign with Texas and become a potential lead off man, moving Leonys Martin into the 9 spot.

One of the biggest roles Fielder will fill is just being a veteran, good clubhouse guy on a young ball team. The longest tenured Ranger even on the club is Matt Harrison since 2008. Fielder, still a year on the shy side of 30, is no senior citizen but is now in his 3rd different franchise in the last 4 years, and it seems he's reasy to derrle down with this one.

My final and favorite impact of Fielder to Texas is the Disposal of second baseman Ian Kinsler. Don't get me wrong, Kinsler is a 2x 30/30 hr/sb guy with some experience under his belt. But I was never a big supporter, especially over the last few years. In 2013, Kinsler hit an .277 and only 13 home runs, 15 stolen bases and 13 errors. Knowing how good he was in the 2010 season, over the past two seasons its fairly reasonable he is starting to decline. This move also makes way for the hyper-talented young Ranger named Jurrickson Profar. Profar plays 2B/SS and has potential to be a solid average, solid power and has already shown Texas folk his INCREDIBLE flashes of the glove.

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