Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NFL's Blind Eye Turned Wide Open; Incognito/Martin Scandal

The Richie Incognito / Jonathan Martin scandal has dealt yet another black eye to the NFL and sheds light on a long standing culture that could prove to have crossed that line for last time. The NFL ,which has taken it's share of hits with numerous off the field issues, has been forced to deal with the hot button topics of racism, bullying and hazing in one fell swoop and I believe the door has only been cracked open.

The NFL, the money making juggernaut that has surpassed Major League Baseball as "Americas Pastime " is currently conducting an investigation into the allegations that Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito verbally abused and physically threatened fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin resulting in Martin to abruptly leaving the team and ending in Incognito being indefinitely suspended pending the findings of the investigation.

Incognito, not a stranger to controversy, has denied any wrong doing and despite the recent release of audio and video evidence pointing to his guilt has still vehemently rejected any accusations believing this is much ado about nothing.

This brazen, I am above the law mentality, that seems to run rampant throughout the NFL, has brought an unwanted spotlight to a closed society that allows this culture to continue to breed year after year and despite all the stories of hazing and bullying that goes on in high school and in college every year they have continued to turn a blind eye to what was going on and are now reaping what they sew. Will Richie Incognito play in the NFL again? Probably not. Does he deserve this punishment? Most definitely. Is he the only guilty party? Undoubtedly not. My guess is that the NFL will describe this situation as unfortunate but far from the norm. Hopefully the NFL will take a stronger stance than this which would go a long way into changing not only the present but the future as well.

Richie Incognito

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