Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lamar Odom Back In The News: An NBA Return Still Very Possible?

When you first read the title of this article I am guessing you thought that Lamar Odom was back on the news for another cocaine related story, but this is finally something good for the 2 time NBA champions recent troubled times.

                  -The man who reportedly bought over 16k of cocaine is hoping to return to the court

After being severely addicted to cocaine and other drugs in recent years you'd think that Odom's NBA career is over right? How could you let a seriously out of control drug user back on the court? Its called change...something the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers think Lamar can achieve.

Change is one thing...but a return to the greatest basketball association in the world? Unlikely right? It had been highly rumored that Odom wanted to return back to basketball but know we have one more extremely interesting story on the former Laker's very shaky past year. Teams are still interested in the troubled veteran.

 -This is what Odom has been associated with recently, can he forget his troubles and return to his past ways? Is it to late for us to see Odom back on the court? The near future will hold the truth.

Now look I can see why you would want this guy, he has true experience, and he has seen the game on every single level. The man who has been arrested on several charges of driving under the influence will reportedly have a great chance of getting back in the NBA starting in the 2014-2015 season. But if you were an owner...would you take a chance on the weathered 34 year old forward? I know I wouldn't!

You could clearly get better young talent in free agency than bring in a former drug addict who is slowly starting to decline as a consistently contributing player. But that is not the case from some teams as we have learned recently.

                          -These were the days! Anyone remember when Odom was this dominant?

Both Los Angeles teams continue to closely monitor his progress (of course as we all know he is sitting out the season with personal issues) as closely as possible. Both teams are highly considering signing him in the near future if he can put his legal and various personal issues behind him.

It is also ironic because both the Lake Show and the Clips showed a lot of interest in signing Odom this past summer until of course his personal life and issues became a topic often discussed and seen in various tabloids and gossip stations like E and TMZ.

-Really? Odom has gone down hill big time. Who wants to see him on the cover of some crappy magazine for these reasons. He needs to correct his mistakes and be determined to resurrect his career

 -Really Lamar? The Miz clearly is upset with Odom. Why did he have to take this turn on his career?

I have to admit, even though I wouldn't want my favorite team to sign him I am happy he is turning around and shutting the door on his past issues. I have never really hated the man, never really been a fan but I do have strong respect for his long and successful NBA career he is hoping to return to next year. Odom has reportedly started training with an eye on returning in the 2nd half of the season..but honestly,  right now the chances of a return that early is highly unlikely.

The Lakers and Clippers have reportedly not had much contact with Odom besides calls questioning or checking up on his personal welfare. Odom has a positive history with both teams and most believe that is the reason the door is still open for Los Angeles to give him a chance to revive his career that seems to be dead at this very moment.

                     -Dang Lamar! You've made NBA fans upset and clearly your "hot" wife

The only way he will be able to return to his true calling is obviously if he can prove to either team that he can get back into basketball shape and have the true determination to show that he wants to resurrect his NBA career. after all the headlines of his DUI and drug use this past August.

It was made clear that Odom feels most comfortable in L.A. after his not so memorable stint with the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011-2012 season. The relationship he has with the city of L.A. still wont let him get the nod back in the league just that easily.  They both will proceed extremely "carefully" when evaluating if Odom would be a good fit for their rotation.

The Clips actually have 14 player on the roster...and that 15th spot has been open since training camp. They are considering many options for that last spot in the depth chart. Is Odom worthy of that 15th spot? Or is it to late? Will he have a chance at the Lakers roster that he won the sixth-man of the year award with?

The Lakers actually would seem to have the most reason to sign Odom even though they have reaced the 15 player limit. Various players on their current roster are signed to 1 year deals as the Lake show tried very hard to retool this offseason in an effort to maintain maximum flexibility.

Are we soon to see the return of the Lamar Odom we once new? Is he still capable of being in basketball shape? Can he still compete on an elite level? Will he have a job by the beginning of next season? Many questions remain as the saga of the troubles side of Lamar Odom continues.

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