Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tru School Sports: 500 Articles & Who We Are+How We Got Here

Got into sports writing in college while interning for proplayerinsiders.com and at the Palladium Times (Oswego, NY)

It is such a thrill to report on sports because it has an impact on everything. A great example is the Boston Red Sox World Series run. Sports helped contribute to the Boston community recovering after the terrible Boston Marathon incident

I've loved sports since day one. I was during a Bears-Packers game, one of the best rivalries of all time. Anyway, I've been writing for about a year and a half, beginning my own blog, sketchy sports forums, big sites, and everything in between. TSS is basically my permanent assignment because I love the writers and the owner (Brendan) is awesome

Played sports my entire life from baseball to ski racing and everything in between (football, tennis, soccer, swimming, etc.). Played baseball in college at Frostburg State University and was the starting pitcher on the conference championship team as a freshman. Went on to play two more seasons but was hampered by a shattered hand, torn Achilles and separated pitching shoulder and never got truly back into form. Always had an interest in sports on a different level then my teammates in terms of the inner-workings of the sport business world, which led to me obtain my Masters of Business Administration degree in both sport business and in marketing from Saint Leo University. Hoped to find my way into a Major League Baseball front office, but I realized very quickly that my education would only be part of the equation. Began sharing my opinions on the NFL and MLB through blogging as a means of getting my name out there and boosting up my resume. It has turned into a passion of mine now and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I was a big fan of every sport my entire life, and played baseball and basketball for big portions of my time in school. I had been active with commenting on different sports sites, and one day I finally decided to start writing about them on my own. That's when I met Asmir, and we built The League News from the ground up. It was after a period of time that I met Brendan from my writing at TLN, and we did writer swaps from time to time, where he would write an article for TLN, and I would write one for TSS. Eventually, we both
ended up choosing to write more consistently for each other's sites.

I'm Harvin Bhathal and I'm a 15-year old (Grade 11 not 10) Canadian Sports Writer. I've been a Sports fanatic pretty much my whole life, from my soccer teams in elementary school to my 1st love, which was basketball. The 1st game I ever watched was a Celtics game and I've been a diehard fan since. Over the years, I grew a liking for almost every sport there is (including darts; it's considered a sport). Even made up a word, multi-sportual. If you're wondering, yes I love hockey too … and baseball and football and I could go on for hours. I also grew to be a big number cruncher and can memorize statistics quite easily. My favorite teams from each sport are = NBA (Celtics, Grizzlies, Raptors), NHL (Canucks, Senators), MLB, (Cardinals, Blue Jays, Athletics), NFL (Eagles, Rams) and CFL (BC Lions) Onto the actual writing part; I'm an avid reader and love writing so I combined my love of sports and writing and voila: sports writing. I met Brendan Taylor through twitter, specifically through a tweet where he asked if anyone wanted to join Tru School Sports. I said, "what the hell, why not", and took a leap of faith. At this point, I'm glad I did. I enjoy every moment that I'm writing on here.

I enjoy number crunching and analyzing sports statistics (especially baseball), as well as writing about, & watching sports. My favorite teams are the Houston Astros, Tennessee Titans, Houston Rockets, Houston Dynamo, Texas Longhorns & UTSA Roadrunners. Writing for Tru School Sports is a blast & I'm going to be here when we get to the top.......At his request Anton asked that I provide the following quotation and video in his description. 

"been keeping it #3hunna since the jump”^

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