Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Victor Oladipo: A Second Career?

Now if you're reading this, you're probably wondering, "a second career? What is he talking about?" I'll let Victor Oladipo do all the explaining.

"Wait... he has a voice as well as basketball talent?!" is probably what you thought in your head, after listening to Oladipo kill the stage. Who would've known that he has such a smooth voice, singing one of the greatest R&B songs of all-time. I'm a fan of Bill Withers and especially of the aforementioned song, making me have a big critique on whoever tries to perfect this song. Withers perfected it but Oladipo, alongside Shelby Gogreve who complemented Victor's voice quite well, did a pretty darn good job. Just like on the basketball court, Victor Oladipo made it seem like it was effortless on the stage.

Many of you know Stephen Jackson, who is known as the best rapper in the NBA, alongside being a great player. "Lonely At The Top" - Stephen Jackson ft Kevin Durant is known as one of his best songs; give it a listen. Stephen Jackson could've easily become a rapper instead of an NBA player and been successful and the same goes for Victor Oladipo. If he came out with an R&B album, I would definitely purchase it, with my favorite genre of music being R&B. Of course, Oladipo can't be a full-time R&B artist as he is just starting his promising NBA career, but he could make music on the side, just like Stak5. After retirement, Victor Oladipo will still be occupied and could pursue a second career after basketball; that would be a career in singing.

I don't know about you but I'm hoping Victor Oladipo eventually becomes an R&B artist and he would be one of my favorites if he did so.


  1. That girl is hot! Victor is killing it though, he should sing before he crosses someone over lol.

    1. That girl used to be a softball player at Indiana, & yes she's hot! LOL!

    2. That girl is hella hot. I bet Oladipo did her after the show.


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