Friday, November 15, 2013

Seattle Seahawks or San Francisco 49ers: Which Team Has The Better Reebok Paydirt Sneaker?

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are two teams apart of one of the NFL's best rivalries today but that rivalry transcends beyond the gridiron and even into the world of sneakers. Sneakers?! YES SNEAKERS!!!! Recently the 2 teams have both received their own version of the Reebok Paydirts. Both shoes are awesome but which one is better? Well that’s what I’m hear to talk about.

The Reebok Paydirts have been a solid addition to Reebok's long line of retros in the year in 2013 as they have pumped out some sweet looking sneakers in some awesome team colorways that fans enjoy. A few weeks ago it was reported on that these Seattle Seahawk colored Paydirts would be hitting the market soon. This addition of the Paydirt is pretty sweet featuring the flamboyant, gaudy navy/lime green color combination of the Seahawks.

It has the a navy blue base accompanied by white/grey/lime green accents. The Seahawks Paydirt is very passive aggressive but I like it, definitely something you could rock with a Richard Sherman jersey. 

As good as the Seahawks Paydirt is the 49ers one is equally as good but with a much different feeling when you look at the colorway for a few seconds. Something about the color gold evokes thoughts of greatness, and winning. The 49ers are certainly a team with quite the history and lineage of great players so gold represents them greatly.

On this shoe you have the gold base with red accents. Reebok did a phenomenal job on this shoe and I’m sure any 49ers fan who is in to sneakers would give these a long hard look. I would buy these and a Jerry Rice jersey to match it.

Now which shoe is better? This one is very tough but I will go with the 49ers addition of the Paydirt, that gold color is a deal breaker for me as far as which one I like more. What do you guys think?

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