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Biggest Threat To 'Bama's Three-Peat Quest: Florida State Or Stanford?

Alabama, Bama, is attempting to become the first team since Minnesota to win three straight NCAA Football Championships. The Golden Gophers won three straight championships between 1935 and 1937. (USA Today Sports Images).
Fifth-ranked Stanford put their name back into the Bowl Championship Series, BCS, National Championship Game conversation with a 26-20 victory against third-ranked Oregon on Thursday night. Who is the bigger threat to Alabama Crimson Tide's three-peat quest: second-ranked Florida State or the Cardinal?

The Cardinal should move to at least the number three spot in Sunday's BCS Standings after their dominating win against the Ducks. 

The Cardinal should surpass the Ducks and fourth-ranked Ohio State in the standings, the Buckeyes' next game is not until Nov. 16 against Illinois.

There are two teams that are big threats to the Crimson Tide's three-peat, the Seminoles and the Cardinal.

The Seminoles have had a fantastic season, thus far, with a 8-0 record. They are led by quarterback Jameis Winston, a Heisman Trophy candidate, who has helped his team defeat three top-25 teams.

The Seminoles defeated then 25th-ranked Maryland 63-0 on Oct. 5 and they defeated then seventh-ranked Miami 41-14 on Saturday. The Seminoles most impressive victory against a top-25 team was when they defeated then third-ranked Clemson 51-14 on Oct. 19.

The Seminoles have definitely proven that they could be a huge threat to the Crimson Tide's chances of a three-peat. The Cardinal have also proven that they could be a huge threat as well.

The Cardinal have a 8-1 record, despite a very tough schedule. Their lone blemish was a 27-21 loss on Oct. 12 to Utah, which they could have won.

After the Cardinal's Thursday night's victory against the Ducks, they have defeated five top-25 teams this season. Beside the Ducks; they defeated then 23rd-ranked Arizona State, then 15th-ranked Washington, then ninth-ranked UCLA, and then 25th-ranked Oregon State.

The best way to try to determine who is the bigger threat is by comparing Bama to the Seminoles and Cardinal heading into Thursday night's game in eight different aspects.

Comparison number one:

Crimson Tide's top-ranked scoring defense against the Seminoles' third-ranked scoring offense.
Crimson Tide's top-ranked scoring defense versus the Cardinal's 44th-ranked scoring offense.

Comparison number two:

Crimson Tide's fifth-ranked total defense against the Seminoles' fourth-ranked total offense.
Crimson Tide's fifth-ranked total defense versus the Cardinal's 79th-ranked total offense.

Comparison number three:

Crimson Tide's second-ranked, tied for second, first down defense against the Seminoles' 14th-ranked tied for 14th, first down offense, .
Crimson Tide's second-ranked first down defense versus the Cardinal's 110th-ranked first down offense.

Comparison number four:

Crimson Tide's seventh-ranked third down conversion percentage defense against the Seminoles' third-ranked third down conversion percentage.
Crimson Tide's seventh-ranked third down conversion percentage defense versus the Cardinal's 22nd-ranked third down conversion percentage.

Comparison number five:

Crimson Tide's 10th-ranked scoring offense against the Seminoles' fourth-ranked scoring defense.
Crimson Tide's 10th-ranked scoring offense versus the Cardinal's 19th-ranked scoring defense.

Comparison number six:

Crimson Tide's 35th-ranked total offense against the Seminoles' seventh-ranked total defense.
Crimson Tide's 35th-ranked total offense versus the Cardinal's 24th-ranked total defense.

Comparison number seven:

Crimson Tide's 36th-ranked, tied for 36th, first down offense against the Seminoles' 13th-ranked first down defense.
Crimson Tide's 36th-ranked first down offense versus the Cardinal's 64th-ranked, tied for 64th, first down defense.

Comparison number eight:

Crimson Tide's 15th-ranked third down conversion percentage against the Seminoles' 15th-ranked third down conversion percentage defense.
Crimson Tide's 15th-ranked third down conversion percentage versus the Cardinal's 24th-ranked third down conversion percentage defense.

On paper, the Seminoles are superior to the Cardinal in those eight aspects. However, BCS Championship Games are not decided on paper, they are decided on the football field.

On Jan. 6, the BCS National Championship Game will be played at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif. It would not be a surprise if the Seminoles or the Cardinal were in that game facing the Crimson Tide.

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  1. Everybody wants to unseat 'Bama. If the Tide loses one game, pollsters will kick 'em from No. 1 to No. 3 and no berth in the championship game. However, until that happens, the Crimson Tide is the tsunami and everybody else is a mere bubble in the Tide's wake.


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