Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Young Utah Jazz fan cries after loss (VIDEO)

 Just when you thought the passion behind the Jazz fan base couldn't get anymore sad at the moment, it just did. Now seeing children cry is always a sad thing but you can't do anything else other than laugh at this web gem right here.

I am actually a tad surprised that this video hasn't received that much attention. With only 44,000 views in about a day it's clear this wont be the funniest video hitting the NBA fan base in the 2013-2014 but boy is this one a keeper.

I mean this kid is straight up balling. Do you think he knows what tanking is yet? I'm going to put a strict no on that one right at this moment. The young fan is seen after the game breaking down in tears after the Jazz's loss to the Denver Nuggets on November 11th and the kid seems legitimately pissed.

                          -Could we be seeing more of this kid crying as the season goes on?

He's not crying because he didn't get some toy or he didn't get a good night sleep, this little fan is crying because he hates to see his favorite team be the biggest failure in the entire NBA.

The funniest part of the video is that the clip of him crying is featured in a game against the Golden State Warriors on Monday, seven days later. But wait a second, is the kid back at the game? You bet he is. What exactly is the kid doing at this game? Looking visually upset once again with the score reading 68-42 Warriors mid way through the 3rd quarter.

                                    -Wait what is this guy doing here? I don't know either...

You know what I don't blame this kid for crying. Usually when you see a kid cry for no good reason some get annoyed and ticked off but if I was a kid an my favorite team was 1-12 and clearly going nowhere, I would cry too.

             -Gordon Hayward is one of the few things Jazz fans can be happy about right now

There is no drive in the Utah Jazz crowd anymore, no cheering, no screaming, no nothing. The empty seats and quietness around the arena will be nothing less than common this season as the Jazz fan base will have to cope with constant defeat. 

                                                        -I don't know you tell me...

As the season progresses will we see more crying little Jazz fans? I'm going to put a yes on that one with the way they are playing. Is a top draft pick on the way? Will we see Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins in a Jazz uniform come this time next year? I'd put another yes on that happening.

*Hat tip to ESPN for the great video!

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  1. This is totally me when the Astros lose ... *sniffles*.

  2. That kid was me 2 seasons ago with the Bobcats.


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