Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Ten Most Overrated Offensive Players In The NFL - #9

For 10 straight days, I will be writing articles on the most overrated offensive players in the NFL. This series started yesterday with #10 which you can read HERE.

Wes Welker has always been called a powerhouse wide receiver in the NFL, but it seems like this guy is separated by a long-shot when it comes to dropping the football. Welker was previously getting thrown to by Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Now, this season, Peyton Manning is having a spectacular year and owes a big chunk of that to Wes Welker.

When Welker was signed by the Denver Broncos, some experts said, "he will change the Broncos' offense." Not that that is an incorrect statement, because nine touchdowns in 10 weeks is unbelievable, but he still hasn't had a game with over 100-yards receiving. Welker is still the third receiver and fourth option in the Broncos passing game, if you consider tight end Julius Thomas as top-three option.

When it comes to drops, Welker is 11th in the league with six drops, which is not great. Wes Welker has changed his game immensely, but he is still as inconsistent as usual. He's all over the board as his statline looks as shown, courtesy of

Touchdown wise, pretty stable with three in the last six games. When it comes to yards, it is a rollercoaster ride all the way through the year, going up and down each week. 

Wes Welker is very overrated because of how the experts and media look at him, but he is no Superman. Yes, he is a very talented wide receiver, but statistically he is just not producing the yards.

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