Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How To Become A Fan Of The Beautiful Game

Soccer is the most watched and played sport in the world but there are some,
especially in America, who have a hard time choosing a team. Whether it's a team in
England, Spain, Italy or in the United States of America, but don't worry that's why
I'm here.            

The first and most important rule is don't be a bandwagon. Don't just pick
a team because they always win, that does not make you a real fan and honestly that is
boring. Don't be a Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, or
Barcelona fan just cause they're the best, pick a team that speaks to you whether it's their
kits or a player that stands out to you or a manager. For example, I started
liking Arsenal during the 2003-2004 season and they just happened to be undefeated in
the English Premier League that team with Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieria, Kolo Toure and
Ashely Cole were dubbed 'The Invincibles'. I didn't know they were going to go unbeaten,
that was a happy accident, but I picked them because I absolutely loved Thierry Henry
above all players. I still do. Plus I liked their logo, nickname "gunners," the manager, the
way they played and they wore the color red, when I was little I liked the color red.    
               All these factors together led me to choose Arsenal, unfortunately for Arsenal fans they
            haven't won a trophy since then but they were and still are one of the biggest teams in English
            football and I adore them. Henry left Arsenal in 2007 for Barcelona were he didn't play the best soccer in his career but I loved him so much I watched and began to like Barcelona and    their style of play, which is somewhat similar to Arsenal. Then I discovered the little genius named
            Lionel Messi and he became one of the best of all-time and it was an honor to watch him grow
            and shatter records.  

    So the point is pick a team that you can relate to in some way and you too can cheer for a
team of the beautiful game but remember don't be a bandwagon. I cannot stress that enough, it's ok to pick big name teams as long as you picked them for a legitimate reason.

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  1. You say don't be a bandwagon but you rooted for Arsenal and now Barcelona? I mean come on! Thats the definition of a bandwagon, if you said maybe a team like Sunderland or Valencia then I'd understand but Arsenal and Barcelona are two of the best teams in the world.


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