Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dolphins Traded Vontae Davis For Having A Small Bladder

With all the drama recently surrounding the Miami Dolphins, it's their past that will make you scratch your head even more when you think about the Dolphins. Apparently, the Dolphins traded cornerback Vonte Davis to the Indianapolis Colts back in August of 2012 for a second round pick because he went to the bathroom too much during practice (this would be a perfect time for Allen Iverson to come in and say "PRACTICE!?)

Here's a bit from the Miami Herald on this story,

"Coach Joe Philbin, who was in his third month as Dolphins coach at the time, didn’t cut Incognito. Oh, the coach was seen that season as standing up for the right kind of players, as Miami cut Chad Johnson after his domestic violence issue and traded Vontae Davis because, in part, he went to the bathroom too much during practice."

With all the news that the Dolphins are making, this is certainly something you don't like to hear about. If Miami really traded Davis for that absurd of a reason, then Miami has bigger problems than just someone getting "bullied" in a locker room. I find it hard to believe that a team would trade a player away just because he has to potty a little more than the other players on the team. If it is true, it's just disgraceful. Davis can certainly produce game in and game out for any NFL team, and if his bladder is keeping the Dolphins away from that asset it's their loss. Davis has recorded 76 tackles along with 13 pass deflections & 4 interceptions in his two seasons with the Colts. 

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