Monday, November 25, 2013

TSS Staff Reacts to Derrick Rose's Second Season Ending Injury

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose has shockingly gone down with another season ending injury and it will be his second missed season in a row. After surgery on a torn meniscus Monday, Rose will see no time in the rest of the 2013-2014 season and his return date will be a question for a long period of time. NBA fans and player have given out their "prayers" for D Rose in this tragic injury already...but Truschoolsports is here today to give you our exact thoughts on how we feel about the matter. Will the Bulls ever be a top team again? Have we seen the last of the dominant Derrick Rose? Will he ever be the same impact player he used to be? Look for some of these questions to be answered below as our writers sound off with their opinions!

Brendan Taylor (Owner/writer/CEO of TSS)- "Derrick Rose is a special player with a great fan base and an important part of the NBA. With all of that said this hurts the Bulls franchise and puts them in a weird position in terms of their long term outlook of the franchise. The Bulls can go a lot of directions and it really saddens me that we may have possibly already seen the best of the former MVP. I think all hope is not lost though Bernard King who was once regarded as the best forward in the NBA came back from a serious injury and played at an all-star level. I think Rose needs to evolve other parts of his game and look for craftier ways to be effective on offense. I wish nothing but Rose the best!"

 Anton Joe (writer)-'Rose has always been an exciting player to watch - even way back when he was a Memphis Tiger. However, his style of play has caught up to him. His reckless slashing to the hoop has not only taken away one season from him, but now two. I really hope Rose comes back strong, but I'd hate to say that we've seen the last of "D-Rose". If Rose wants to last in the NBA he has to find a way to take care of his body around the basket, or his current style of play will completely demolish his potential longevity in the NBA. Get well soon D-Rose.'

Brian Rzeppa (writer)- "In most instances, losing your star player would kill a team, but not in the Chicago Bulls' case. They spent all of last year without him, so this is nothing new. Granted, they lost Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli to free agency, but they should still be able to come up with enough points to somewhat offset the loss. With the Eastern Conference being so weak so far this year, they should, at worst, be a 5 seed. As for Rose, this is a huge hit with huge implications for his career. He occasionally plays a reckless style of basketball, and as we've now seen, that will catch up to you. If he doesn't want to be lumped in with the what-could-have-been's like Brandon Roy and Penny Hardaway, he's going to have to change his style of play. With that, however, he's going to become a lot less effective. He's an inconsistent shooter, and he'll have to improve in that area during his time off if he wants a chance to return to his former glory. That certainly won't be easy, and it's incredibly probable that we've seen the last of his dominance."

Daniel Carney (writer)- "Devastation...devastation is the key word to describe this saddening matter. Devastation for the city of Chicago, devastation for the NBA fans around the world, and of course devastation to the man who spent a whole season healing from another season ending injury...Derrick Rose. He is a human being and injuries sometimes occur unexpectedly...but this one came out of nowhere, and I mean nowhere! Wasn't Derrick Rose supposed to be the comeback player of the year? Wasn't he supposed to be a lead MVP candidate? Well injury has once again taken away a valuable year of Rose's now career that is in great question. I feel bad for him without a doubt...but I think this really does mean the end of the Bull's success in the Rose era. Call me a hater, call me a non believer, call me a doubter...but I am just stating facts that soon could become very true. Rose and the Bulls will never be the same 2 years in a row without the former MVP, the time is nearing for the Bulls to retool. Will he ever be the same? Thats a question I cant quite answer at this moment. It seems like more Adidas return commercials and hash tags are on the way! I wish Derrick a speedy recovery!"

Harvin Bhatal (writer)- "I've been a fan of Derrick Rose since his college days at Memphis and I've seen him face much adversity, from having to improve his jump shot to becoming more of a facilitator and the most recent being, the Torn ACL - which he came back from - and now, the Torn Meniscus. Rose was close to being himself again (pre-Torn ACL) but another serious injury occurred. It hurts to see one of the greatest players of this generation have his young career stalled by serious injuries. Do I think he'll ever be the same? No, probably not; I'd be lying if I said yes. However Rose is a great player and great players adapt and reinvent their game and that is exactly what he'll do. There may not be as many flashy layups but it's alright. Flashy moves don't define Derrick Rose. There is so much more to his game. Anyways, Rose has my prayers; I wish him a speedy recovery ... once again."

Emily Gruver (writer)- "This injury will not only tremendously hurt the Bulls, but it will really hinder Rose and his long term future and health. Unfortunately, Rose will need to somehow change up his game to stay healthy."

Noah Weintraub (writer)- "This just shows that being a penetration player as a pg is not always a great thing. Derrick Rose needs to become more of a jump shooter and passer and less of a penetration player. The Chicago Bulls will dearly miss him because of his leadership and high basketball IQ. The team will have to rely more on their two-headed monster of Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer in the paint to allow the jump shooters to get some open space."

 Paul Martinez (writer)- "Derrick Rose is one of the most promoted, documented and celebrated athletes in the NBA today. The 3-time all-star, 1-time MVP (youngest to ever win the award), 1 of 6 players in NBA history (Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Lebron James, Magic Johnson and Dwayne Wade) to ever average 25 ppg 7.5 ast and 4.0 rpg in a season. and leader of two-time number 1 seed Chicago Bulls (2010-2011 & 2011-2012) is Chicago. Name a player with that resume who didn't make the Hall Of Fame... you can't. The Englewood-based Chicagoan had an ACL injury in the 2012 playoff that set back the Chicago Bulls organization from adding to their 6 NBA Championships. At the beginning of the 2013-2014 season he came back but got injured in the beginning of the season. The injury has evaporated hopes for an NBA title in Chi-town. Many say his recent injury is because of his fearless drives to the rim. Some will say that it was because he relied to much on his right knee, he was starting to return to his MVP form and the second injury had nothing to do with contact like the first. Changing his style of play will come to a degree because he was working on his perimeter game before the injuries. Derrick Rose recovered from a left knee injury that was way worse than the one he has now so he has proven he can recover. I hope he can have an improved overall game, we won't know till later. Rose never had a major injury in his basketball career until the 2012 playoffs, not in high school, College and the pros. I believe he will recover and make an impact once again in 2014-2015. Because he has proven that he can stay healthy in high school, college and his first fours years in the league there is a high chance he can come back better than ever. He should add to his game so he doesn't have to use his explosiveness as much. His attempt at a second return from injury will be one of the biggest tests of his mental make-up. It could end up an inspirational story or a nightmare for Chicago sports.If he could survive the southside of Chicago, he might be able to survive anything. We shall see. ------."

-TSS wishes Derrick Rose the best of luck in his recovery this season!

-Video of the injury occurring against the Blazers (Its not gruesome looking but watch at own risk)

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