Saturday, November 9, 2013

Remembering Bob Welch

In the lineage of great baseball pitchers its rather easy to forget about certain guys or lesser known names but the other day when opening up a pack baseball cards (yes I still do that) I was reminded of a guy who had a pretty soild pitching career. When I opened up a pack of score 1991 baseball cards a friend from Chicago brought back from Chicago I pulled a Bob Welch card.

Flipping to the back of his baseball card and looking down at the bottom of it will show you that Welch had a solid career with a win-loss record of 211-146. Further examination will lead you to come to the fact that he is that last pitcher in baseball history to win 25 games or more in one season. During in the 1990 season he went 27-6 with a 2.95 ERA in one of the best pitching seasons of all-time. Welch went on to make the last of his 2 all-star appearances and win the Cy Young award in that same season in 1990.

I think its a shame that I was so ignorant to the great numbers he put up in the 1990 season. Sorry Bob Welch but I’m just a young kid who finally caught on.


  1. During that era, the A's had some solid pitchers whose names will never be in any Cooperstown discussions... but if you listen carefully people still talk about Storm Davis, Dave Stewart, and Bob Welch... heck you could throw Mike More into that mix as well.

    FYI... 2013 Topps Archives had Welch sign cards in their autograph set this year.

    1. Yeah the A's had some beasts in that rotation, i'm a huge Dave Stewart fan. I haven't even seen any topps 2013 set this year, how does it look?

    2. I completed the autograph set in August and wrote up a post:

      The Welch is in the first photo... 1990 Topps design.


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