Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why The NBA Lottery System Needs To Be Changed

To prevent teams from tanking and rigging the draft to their liking; that's why.

It's a damn shame, the draft process these days. Teams losing games on purpose, to gain a higher probability to get a higher selection in the draft. Plain and simple, it's just not how it was meant to be.


In 1990, the NBA introduced a weighted lottery system where the teams that had a worse record had a higher chance to get a better pick. This system was brought in to restore competitive balance and at first, it served it's purpose. Now, teams have made a mockery of it.

One "anonymous" NBA GM, whom I think is Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, openly admitted that his team is tanking this season. Now that's some malarkey. If you are going to tank, at least have the dignity not to say that you are, in an interview. I quote Tru School Sports' very own, Anton Joe, - "CHILDISH" - that's what it is, childish.

Tanking has destroyed the sincerity of basketball.

Sure, tanking can be beneficial but just look at the Sacramento Kings franchise; they planned on tanking one season and now they've been un-purposely tanking now. They've pretty much screwed their team and fans' experience over, just because of one season of tanking. Now this situation won't happen all the time but it definitely can happen.

For the 2013-14 NBA season, it's quite obvious who the teams are that are not even vying for playoffs spots but for a top 5 pick instead and those teams include the likes of the Philadelphia 76ers (Michael Carter-Williams has been absolutely amazing but expect the Sixers win's column to not increase much during the season), the Phoenix Suns (same goes for them) and even the Boston Celtics.


Throw the weighted lottery system in the trash, crumple it up like a piece of paper and yell "Kobe!" while "shooting" it into the bin. Spit on it after too (just in case, you know). Introduce a new system, a system that would ACTUALLY restore the competitive balance in the NBA; and that system would be a system where every non-playoff team would have an equal chance on getting the first overall selection in the draft.

How would this restore the competitive balance? Teams like the Kings or the Raptors would have no reason to play for a worse record because all non-playoff teams would have an equal chance at the number one overall pick. All teams would be fighting for the playoffs and teams like the Miami Heat wouldn't be as dominant as they would get less wins during the regular season and be more fatigued for the playoffs, giving more teams a better chance to win the title (not just one or two teams winning it almost every season).

Now if only David Stern, or Adam Silver, after David Stern's retirement from being the NBA Commissioner on February 1st, 2014, will actually implement this proposal...

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