Saturday, November 9, 2013

Paul George Better Back Up Strong Words

The Indiana Pacers are the last team who remain undefeated in the NBA but this is no reason to pop your blue collar or take out your gold pom-poms. Its a long season but Paul George is already talking about the Pacers like they won something, but you actually have to win on a bigger stage before you run your mouth saying certain things. Following the Pacers 97-80 blowout win over Derrick Rose and Chiacgo Bulls at home Paul George had some strong words regarding their central division rivals saying “Chicago's success is the Michael Jordan era. This is a new age; this is a new team. Its ours till they take it”.

Ding,Ding,Ding the gloves have come off and shots have been fired. George has a point though , the Bulls weren't an iconic franchise until after Jordan reeled of 6 championships. The Bulls haven't been to the NBA Finals since 1998 which was Jordan's last year with the team. If we were to go off of the post Jordan era then the Pacers have made the finals more recently then the Bulls when they lost in 2000 to the Shaq-Kobe Lakers team. On top of that the Pacers have the same amount of eastern conference finals appearances as the Bulls post Jordan era both resulted in losses to the Miami Heat.

The Pacers are an exceptional team who play with a big chip on their shoulder to prove the media wrong, go against history and write their own in the process and I love that about them. Paul George is a very talented player and one day could win the MVP award but he better make sure that when these games really matter that he back up those words with his play. Sure right now the Pacers are 6-0 and Paul George is putting up MVP numbers of 25/4/8 with a player efficiency rating of 26.24 but will he be taking and making big shots in the playoffs when his team is down by 2 points and 10 seconds are left on the clock? Will he be able to lead the Pacers to the promise land and beyond? That remains to be seen but for now he needs to continue to establish not only the Pacers dominance as a team but his individual dominance versus the leagues elite like Derrick Rose, Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

Reggie Miller never put up any championship banners in Indiana but this team is led by a great group of guys like Roy Hibbert and David West and Paul George can do something Reggie never did which is bring the Pacers that elusive 1st NBA title. Imagine if that happened how he would viewed not only Indiana but nationally? Indiana would have a superstar with big market attention which would be great for the league as a whole. That’s a long way away for now so just worry about being the best team in the east Mr.George.


  1. "versus the leagues elite like Derrick Rose"


  2. His comments were directly related to D-rose's whole the pacers aren't rivals comments from earlier. As a long time pacer fan we will see the bulls always as rivals and D-rose just brushing the pacers off absolutely struck a nerve... especially when he was basically saying Collison made it a rivalry. So PG just struck back and rightfully so. We'll see the bulls again on Nov 16th and Pacers skills on the court will continue to do all the talking we need.


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