Saturday, November 9, 2013

Should The Toronto Raptors Tank For Andrew Wiggins?

The 2014 draft is loaded with great young talents. Arguably the greatest draft class of all time. The guy that everyone wants to have on their team is the kid from Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Andrew Wiggins. Scouts and GM's say he's the next great NBA Superstar. A rare talent. A once in a generation type of talent. Wouldn't it be nice if the lone Canadian NBA team lands the 'next big thing' who happens to be Canadian. Just think of all the possibilities.

Watching the Raptors this year, they'll be a middle of the pack team. Not good enough to make the playoffs. Not bad enough to land a high draft pick. Not the position you want to be if you're GM Masai Ujiri.

The Raptors have a good young player in their hands in Jonas Valanciunas. Who is the only untouchable player on the team according to Ujiri. And Valanciunas is the real deal. He reminds me a lot of Pau Gasol. A bigger version. He's still very raw but you can see the talent whenever he steps on the floor.

As for the rest of the roster. Gay, DeRozan, Lowry and Ross. All very talented players. But not good enough to take the franchise to the next level. Gay has been in a lot of trade rumours since Ujiri took over last summer. I expect him to get moved if the Raptors continue to sink, and I expect most of the players on this team to get moved with the exception of Valanciunas if they go the Andrew Wiggins route.

But back to Wiggins.  One of the major sports networks in Canada is going to broadcast all Kansas Jayhawks games this season because of him. That's how big he is right now in Canada. Wiggins was also quoted a couple of months ago that if he has a choice, he wants to play for his hometown team. The Toronto Raptors.

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