Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jeff Green & Celtics Stun Miami Heat

The Boston Celtics stunned the Miami Heat with a game-winning three-point shot by Jeff Green with six seconds left on the clock. Jeff Green had 24 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and a block in the win against Miami. Green played with a sense of urgency that the Celtics need from him night in and night out.

"I have confidence in every shot I have," Green said. "When it left, I had a good feeling it would go in. It went in." Jeff Green is fearless in crunch time and there are only a select few of players that can deal with the pressure.

"I'm glad we still had time left on the clock," Boston coach Brad Stevens said. "It is proof that in this game if you score quickly, you are going to have a chance to at least shoot the ball if the other team misses free throws. It was a great play by Jeff Green, but it is fortunate to even get a shot off in that moment."

It is clear that the Celtics are not going to try to "tank" the season, especially with a win-oriented coach like Brad Stevens. The Celtics have a good shot at making the playoffs due to the lack of competition in the East. Also, look for Danny Ainge to make some moves at the deadline, whether it is trading for draft picks, or some more young talent to help build the Celtics core. Remember it only took a year for the Celtics to build and win a championship when Danny Ainge put together the big three, so don't be surprised if the Celtics are contending for a title within the next couple of years.

~Joey Mendes

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