Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pro Athletes On South Park Over The Years

Over the years South Park has had some pretty memorable appearances by professional athletes and have done a marvelous job at inaccurately portraying their personas for our entertainment. Players like Kobe Bryant, Jay Cutler and Peyton Manning have all made appearances on South Park one way or another. With all of that said here some of the best appearances by pro athletes through the years on South Park.

Peyton Manning & Lamarr Woodley

In an episode titled “Saracastaball” the show pokes fun at the NFL trying to make the game safer as well as the replacement referees from last season in the NFL. The whole episode carries an overly sarcastic tone. While all of this is going on Peyton Manning and Lamarr Woodley make an appearance in the end zone that’s followed up by several bad calls by the replacement refs in the end zone.

Jay Cutler

In the “Guitar Hero” episode when Stan and Kyle get invited to a party they run into a local sports star. Jay Cutler was sitting down in a beach chair when the boys come up to him and hurt his feelings. After Jay is informed about them breaking over 100,000 points on Guitar Hero and exchanging pleasentries with the boys they get very blount with the then starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. “Nice to meet you, I mean you kinda suck but my Dad says you could be real good one day,” said Stan. Dazed and confused Mr. Cutler was insulted.

Jim Rome

Hard edged, overly sarcastic commentator Jim Rome endorses a product I won’t really elaborate too much on.

Nascar Drivers

In this particular episode Eric Cartman pokes fun at the overly simplistic perception of Nascar. He also does his best imitation of what a driver sounds like by mocking the sport, saying the he will make better left turns then his Nascar counterparts such as Jimmie Johnson. Just watch the video for yourself.

Honorable Mention

The rest are people I couldn’t find videos for on YouTube but still made awesome cameos on South Park.

Denver Nuggets: Ty Lawson, Aaron Afflalo,Birdman, Danilo Gallanari, Melvin Ely

Magic Johnson

Mark Mcgwire, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi

LA Clippers: Nick Young,Blake Griffin, Caron Butler, Chris Paul, Dendre Jordan

Tiger Woods

So, yeah those are some of the cameos made by athletes on South Park over the years, let me know some of your favorites in the comments below.

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