Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Recent Sneaker Purchase: Under Armour Cam Newton "Highlight" Trainer

The other day I was sitting home just writing like any other day but then I received a phone call from my Dad who was at a local mall. “Hey Brendan I’m at the Under Armour  store and they have these Cam Newton sneakers on sale for like 80$, do you want them?" Now keep in mind as my Dad is telling me this that I’m a huge Cam Newton fan and I love sneakers so this was a no brainer for me, especially because of Under Armours improvements in the sneaker arena year after year. So with excitement I said “yes Father I’ll take them in a size 10.5 in the Carolina Panther colorway."

It's been a minute since I purchased any sneakers but I ended the drought last week by purchasing the Under Armour  Cam Newton “Highlight” trainer shoes. The shoe was released last December and is the first signature shoe for Cam with Under Armour. It's no regular training shoe though when you see it you can tell that it's just different than most sneakers. It's kind of like Cam’s playing style compared to regular quarterbacks you see in the league today.

Shoe Structure

Let's start with the structure of the shoe. One very noticeable thing at first glance is the sleeve of the shoe which fits all the way to nearly your calf’s. So when you tie them up to go running, training or just to chill it locks your ankles in and allows you to move from side to side very nicely. On top of that it is great because the way the sneaker is laid out also allows your foot to be closer to the ground. So if you purchase this sneaker for the specific purpose of training then it's fantastic for that.


The specific colorway I got was the black/electric blue of the Carolina Panthers. I have always been a fan of the teams' colors and think they are the best in the NFL. When purchasing these it was a no brainer to get them in Panthers colors. The sleeve is electric blue with the black Under Armour logo. The rest of the shoe is black for the most part including the suede which I like a lot. UA did a good job on the Panther colors for Cam’s first signature shoe.

This might be corny to some to critique but presentation is very important in anything in life. You wouldn’t take your car to get fixed at an auto shop that looks questionable now would you? So why would you buy sneakers from a company with lackluster presentation? It just makes no sense to spend your hard earned money on something that isn’t great, especially sneakers.

For Newton’s first shoe Under Armour did a solid job from a presentation perspective. Any good sneaker should be accompanied by an equally dope sneaker shoe box. The box for these bad boys is a platinum color that’s shiny enough for you to see yourself in. It has Cam Newton’s signature located on the side along with the Under Armour logo.

Presentation doesn’t just start with a sneaker box but it starts with a commercial and the Under Armour TV spot with Cam and Panthers receiver Steve Smith was pretty good.

Final Thoughts

By any sneaker standard I think the Cam Newton “Highlight” trainers are solid shoes but for a debut shoe I think they are exceptional. I think they represent the originality and diversity of Cam’s playing style by the one of a kind structure that the sneaker offers. So they got it right in terms of representing the former Aubrun star.
On top of all that they are probably in the top three most comfy sneakers I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. The sleeve really gives you great ankle support so if you are the type of person who works a job on their feet all the time these would be good for you. All in all UA and Newton have a hit here. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

What do you think of Cam Newton’s first signature sneaker with Under Armour?

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