Friday, November 1, 2013

Justin Blackmon Suspended Indefinitely For Violating Substance Abuse Policy

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the news for the first time this season, and it is not for a good reason. We all know the Jags have had trouble this season already, only eight games in and still without a victory. Not only have they struggled to win, but one of the main reasons so far for the winless record is their extreme lack of offense. So how does this breaking news have anything to do with the teams offense or scoring? Because it involves possibly their best receiver, wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

The upsetting news for Jaguars fans (if they still have any) and fantasy owners first got around at about 5 P.M. on Friday, November 1st as it was announced Blackmon had been indefinitely suspended for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. This is not Blackmon's first punishment from the league this season as he sat out the first 4 games of the season for violating the substance abuse policy. This most recent suspension will likely end his 2013 season.

Four games into his 2013 season and boom, its over. What a shame! Not only is this absolutely terrible news for Blackmon but to the Jags franchise as well because now it seems a winless season is now in plain sight. You would think that after missing a fourth of the season for violating an NFL policy he would learn, but that is simply not the case here.

Now do you question why I say Blackmon is the best receiver on this team? Do you think Cecil Shorts is the better player? Shorts has played four more games than Blackmon and has only 17 more receptions as well as 150 more receiving yards. I can't confidently say Blackmon is better than Shorts but so far his statistics have been exceptionally good.

 What I can tell you is that Blackmon's great play will be incredibly missed after just four games collecting 29 receptions for 415 yards and 1 touchdown. Those are some stats that you really don't want to lose as now the Jags will have to play without their top performer for probably the rest of the season.

As Blackmon heard the news about his suspension he released this statement to the media: "I want to sincerely apologize to Mr. Khan, my teammates, my coaches and to the Jaguars fans for not utilizing the resources that I was provided to overcome my challenges," Blackmon said in a statement released to Pro Football Talk. "I am determined to overcome the issues that have resulted in this situation, and I truly appreciate the support that the Jaguars and my agent have shown me."

He later went on and released another statement concerning his suspension: "I will address these matters with the type of intensity I usually direct toward my on-field play so that I can be ready to be a productive member of the team and community next season. Again, I am truly sorry to Mr. Khan, my teammates and coaches and to the Jaguars fans for the impact of my situation on the team as well as to my family and friends and those that have been there for me during these challenging times. Nobody is more disappointed with all of this than me."

These statements don't really matter to me as I feel he has let everyone down with these recent actions. He has let down the city of Jacksonville, the Jaguars fan base and organization, his family and his friends. I don't think there should be one single showing of sympathy towards him. He has clearly not learned his lesson and has ruined the remainder of his season. It's hard to say this but we have seen the last of Justin Blackmon for the rest of the 2013 season.

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  1. Does anyone know what substance he was using? Recreational or PED?

    1. The fact that he's going to rehab means it was probably recreational.


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