Saturday, November 2, 2013

Andrew Wiggins: One Foot At Kansas, One Foot Out The Door

Kansas' guard Andrew Wiggins was the number one player in ESPN's Class of 2013 rankings. Wiggins told ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas that he wants to be like Anthony Bennett and that he will enjoy his last year at school. (

Kansas' freshman guard Andrew Wiggins is facing high expectations as the number one player in ESPN's Class of 2013 rankings. Some of Wiggins' statements to ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas on Friday makes it appear like Wiggins will only play one season with the Jayhawks.
Wiggins' potential is sky-high based on YouTube videos of his high school performances and his first game with the Jayhawks. He had 16 points, six rebounds, one assist, and one steal in the win against Pittsburg St.
His ESPN player profile lists him at six-feet, eight inches and weighing 200 pounds. At that size and strength, Wiggins is very tough for defenders to stop. 
He has a great all-around game, which has led to some experts comparing him to Miami Heat superstar Lebron James. It is crazy to compare Wiggins, who has only played one college basketball game, to an established superstar like James.

On Friday, Jay Bilas' interview with Andrew Wiggins led to Wiggins making some interesting statements. One of the statements was Wiggins' response to Bilas asking what he has enjoyed most since arriving at Kansas.
"I would say just being able to enjoy my last year of school," Wiggins said.
This is a very interesting statement because it shows how much confidence Wiggins has in himself to be a top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. He could sustain an injury or fail to meet expectations this upcoming season.
If he does that, then Wiggins would most likely be ridiculed by players, coaches, and the media.
Wiggins also told Bilas that he wants to be like Anthony Bennett; Bennett was the number one overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. Every college basketball player probably shares the aspirations, so it is not a surprise for a player to say that.
Opposing players are going to be motivated to try to stop Wiggins when they face him. Wiggins may regret certain things he told Bilas in the long-term,  especially if he fails to produce this season.
Many NBA Draft experts are projecting Wiggins to be the number one overall pick. A player can look great on paper, but that means nothing unless they can dominate during games.

-Noah Weintraub

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