Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why Josh McRoberts Will Have A Big Impact This Season For Charlotte

McRoberts was brought in to mentor Cody Zeller and be an emergency front court man with the addition of Al Jefferson, not lead the team in scoring the first game.  Aside from Kemba Walker, the Bobcats have a rough time getting good separation from the opposing defense. Somehow, someway, McRoberts finds a way to thread the ball to anyone on the court, this is where his importance comes in. With a young team, the players are bound to make mistakes in their rotation around the court, but, when McRoberts is on the floor his quick thinking leads to him putting the ball perfectly where it needs to be, something that a young team needs. With Josh compensating for their mistakes, it gives the young guys more experience to get touches and continue their current play.

The Bobcats are one of the smaller teams in the league, no one has played as big early this season as McRoberts who seems to have worked on his rebounding in the offseason.  With the absence of Jefferson in game two, no one created as much havoc under the rim as McRoberts, allowing himself or his teammates to come down with the boards. The guy plain-and-simply has been playing his heart out these first few games. All aspects of his game will be felt throughout the season as he comes off the bench when Jefferson returns, and a fresh McRoberts is a scary thought for opposing teams.

Not only has his scoring and rebounding been a big surprise, but the man makes trouble for anyone who dares to enter his side of the court. He fights for the steal. He fights for the block. He fights to create havoc. He fights for the win. Be on the lookout for the Bobcats unsung hero through the season, he'll fight to be noticed.

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