Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kemba Walker Outplays Kyrie Irving, Bobcats Win 90-84

When speaking about the NBA's top point guards you always hear names like Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving. It's very rare that you ever hear Kemba Walker's name in the same breath as any of the aforementioned players. Well with Al Jefferson out for Friday's home opener for the Cavaliers Kemba Walker stepped up big against one of the leagues top point guards in Irving.

With 23 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and 2 Blocks Kemba Walker proved that not only could he hang with one of the leagues young elite guards but that he could beat them in the process. With the game tied late in the 4th quarter Walker hit a big time 3-point shot which proved to be the game winner against the Cavs giving the Bobcats their first win on the young season.

A lot of people will look at Kemba's box score in the morning and see gaudy numbers versus one of the NBA's best point guard but and will talk about his offense but its his defense that deserves all the accolades. When you have to guard a guy like Kyrie Irving all game, every possession is a challenge. So the fact that Kemba can hold an elite offensive talent like Irving to 0-3 shooting in the 4th quarter while making winning plays for his team speaks volumes to the skill set Kemba Walker has. The question is can he do it on a nightly basis?

Tomorrow on a back to back he will be in New Orleans matched up with all-star Jrue Holiday. It will be another tough match up for the 3rd year guard out of UCONN but coming off a back to back and then being matched up against Jrue should be yet another measuring stick game for Kemba Walker.


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    1. Then tell Kyrie to win a match up against him. Kemba is a beast stop hating.


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