Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why The Gamecocks Still Have A Shot

 Although they lost a heart breaker to the Vols, USC can still make a run for a BCS championship. They showed their will to never give up with their amazing comeback versus Mizzou.

We all know Jadeveon Clowney. The dominating DE that each team must game plan for. He always requires a double team or a tail back to chip. In focusing on Clowney, they neglect the beast DT Kelcy Quarles. Quarles has more sacks than the superstar DE and may even have a better overall impact. He has the perfect balance of clogging the middle stopping the run and a relentless QB pursuit during pass plays. The combination of the two help the ‘Cocks young linebacker unit run free and garner amazing vision as the play unfolds. Their pursuit is next to unmatched, which, in turn, makes the DBs job that much easier leading to the 21st best defense in college football.

The offensive side of the ball is no pushover either. From the rough-neck QB Shaw to the elusive tail back Davis. This allows the ol’ ball coach to mix up the play calling that propels the offense to long drives. Shaw can burn you with his feet or deliver the most catch able deep ball in football with amazing touch. They have amazing WR depth and one of the best TE groups in the game. Combine this with an amazing o-line and you have a serious BCS contender.

 Don’t sleep on this powerhouse or your favorite SEC team will be playing Tulane come bowl time.

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