Monday, October 7, 2013

5 Things That Knicks Fans Can Look Forward to this Upcoming Season

1. A More Determined Squad                                                                                                                             This Year Knicks fans can look forward to a more determined Knicks squad. Not only are they still determined to bring a championship trophy to the Knicks franchise but after having a bitter playoff defeat in the second round of game six against the Pacers, the Knicks will be more bloodthirsty than ever as they battle their way through a long regular season. Knicks players have shown their determination this offseason as Tyson chandler has been working on his shooting and Raymond Felton notably losing 15 pounds this offseason.
"My motivation this summer was the playoff exit and I vowed to myself that I would never allow that to happen again, I would never let my team down, and be in that situation again," said Tyson Chandler.

If you are a Knicks fan there seems to be an exciting season ahead as you will likely be able to indulge in the passion and intensity that the Knicks plan to bring both physically and mentally as they approach their next 82 game season.
2.Chemistry                                                                                                                    An important factor for any team when it comes to winning games and championships is chemistry. Chemistry is expected both on and off the court from a Knicks team that has kept their core players in Carmelo, Tyson, Raymond, J.R., and Iman.

"At the end of the season I didn't look at my teammates I looked at myself and said 'Where did you let your  team down?' stated Tyson Chandler.

This is a good mentality for players to have as they look to build chemistry.

3. A Better Defensive Team                                                                                        With Iman Shumpert starting the season healthy and the addition of Metta World Peace to their roster, Knicks fans can look forward to a better defensive team. Having Metta world peace on the New York roster adds the presence of two former defensive players of the year and three players with championship experience. This will be great for the franchise as they will be able to share their defensive and championship experience with their teammates, especially with future talents in Toure Murry, Jeremy Tyler, C.J. Leslie, and Cole Aldrich should the Knicks choose to sign them. Indubitably will defense be stressed by Knicks coach Mike Woodson as they prepare to face off what should be a wildly more improved and intimidating eastern conference.

4. Younger Roster                                                                                                      This upcoming season the Knicks have managed to get younger overall as they let go of their older veteran players in Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, and Quentin Richardson. Last year going into the playoffs the Knicks had an average age of 31.2 years. This upcoming season with the officially signed players according to, the Knicks have an average age of 29.4 years and can get even younger if they decide to officially sign Toure Murry, Jeremy Tyler, and or C.J. Leslie. 

5. Tyson Chandler's Jump Shot                                                                                                                              Tyson Chandler has said to be adding a new dimension to his game, jump shooting. Adding a jump shot to Tyson's game can only prove to be an advantage as it will take most centers out of their comfort zone in the paint and allow him to shoot over smaller defenders. Should Tyson become a threat from mid-range it will add another scoring threat and force opponents to defend him rather than to keep off as they wait for him to pass the ball or attack the rim.

Chandler's thoughts on obtaining a jump shot.

“Honestly, I don’t see a big guy being able to come out and guard me around the free throw line,” Chandler explained.  “I feel like my first step is quicker than a lot of the big guys in the league.  If they have to come out, it gives me a direct line to the basket as well as opening up for my teammates.”

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