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Why The St Louis Cardinals Will Beat the Red Sox in the World Series

The World Series match-up of the St Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox has been an anticipated one ever since the 2013 MLB Playoffs began and finally it is about to happen. October 23rd, or this Wednesday, the 04' World Series rematch, in which the Red Sox won, will happen. However, this time, the result won't be as it was in the 2004 World Series, as the St Louis Cardinals will win the 2013 World Series.

Why? Simple, the St Louis Cardinals have a better all-around team; from their hitters to their pitching staff and bullpen, the Cardinals are set to win.


The St Louis Cardinals were the best offensive team in the 2013 MLB season and is possibly the best team as far as offense goes in the playoffs this year. Being the top 2 in almost every single offensive category certainly helps your case. St Louis's 2013 season for RISP has been the best in MLB History, hitting for a .330 batting average with Runners In Scoring Position. That will continue in the World Series.

Yadier Molina: Defense, Hitting for average, Getting on base

Yadier Molina is simply the best catcher in the game. His defense is 2nd to none and his offense is as good as it's ever been, hitting for a career high .319 average and 161 hits. One of the most consistent players in the MLB, Molina will produce like he always does and stop the Red Sox runners from stealing bases.

Matt Adams: Hitting for power

Ever since he's replaced the injured Allen Craig in the postseason, he's done a solid job being the team's 1st Basemen. He's not hit for much power but he is tied for the team lead in hits, with 11. Matt Adams will most likely only start 4 games in the World Series but he definitely play in all of them , replacing someone or pinch hitting.

Matt Carpenter: Getting on base, Hitting for average, Defense

Matt Carpenter has been a revelation for the St Louis Cardinals this season, breaking out with a league leading 199 Hits and an .318 average, good for 6th. He hasn't played as well as he could in this year's playoffs but I expect him to come out and return to his normal self.

David Freese: Clutch

The only thing David Freese has going for him is his clutch factor, or the timing of his hits. David Freese has been an average Major League player ever since he was named the 2011 World Series MVP but he's come up for his team when they need it the most. I wouldn't be surprised if Freese comes up big for the Cardinals.

Matt Holiday: Hitting for power, All-around game

Even though he's not been on his game during the playoffs, he's still tied for the team lead in home runs with 2, with Carlos Beltran. He's going to be the 2nd person in the 1-2 punch with Carlos Beltran, providing the Cards with stability and above-average offense.

Carlos Beltran: Hitting for power, Clutch

Carlos Beltran has been the Cardinals best run producer and it's not even close. He's leading the team with 2 home runs and has 12 RBI (the 2nd place person has 5, Matt Holiday). Beltran has always been a postseason performer so I would expect him to do the same in the World Series.Carlos Beltran knows that he's coming up in the age column and he doesn't have many opportunities to get his 1st World Series Ring, so he'll be on the top of his game

Allen Craig, a.k.a. the X-Factor: Hitting for average, Getting on base, Clutch,

Allen Craig was the best player for the St Louis Cardinals in the 2012-13 season, before his injury that has forced him to miss the whole postseason until now. We don't know how he'll do but we do know that he is a player that hit .315 for the year with 97 RBI (would've been more hadn't he only played 134 games), with 160 hits as well. Not known as your typical power 1st Baseman, Craig hit 3 home runs in the 2011 World Series for the Cardinals. Expect Allen Craig to come up BIG for the Cardinals.

Pitching Staff: 

The St Louis Cardinals have a top 5 pitching staff in the Majors, led by the 19-game winner Adam Wainwright and the young ace, Michael Wacha. St Louis has a 2.34 ERA as a team in this year's playoffs, so look for their rotation to dominate the Red Sox hitters  for the most part.

Adam Wainwright:

Adam Wainwright, the ace in the Cardinals rotation for the past 5 years or so is one of the best pitchers in baseball, the best to me at least. He can make Major League players look likes they're Minor Leaguers with his curveball and cutter combo. Wainwright will pitch 2-3 games in this series if necessary (games 1, 5 and 7). Adam Wainwright has been down this path before, as he closed out the 2006 World Series and was apart of the 2011 Championship squad so I expect him to fool Red Sox hitters with his nasty repertoire of pitches.

Michael Wacha:

Michael Wacha has been everything the Cardinals have expected him to be and more. Wacha is a rookie whose thrown two near no-hitters in his 1st ever postseason. He's 3-0 with a dazzling 0.43 ERA. I'm pretty sure I don't have to say that again, a 0.43 ERA speaks for itself. Wacha will pitch in 2 games in the World Series if necessary (games 2 and 6) and it's almost a guarantee that the Cardinals will win in those games. As far as jitters go, Wacha has pitched in Fenway park before, in a college tourney so that's a plus. Michael Wacha might even win the World Series MVP.


Trevor Rosenthal: 

Trevor Rosenthal, the Cardinals young fireballer, has been outstanding for them as a closer, going 3-3 in save chances, not surrendering any runs in the 6 games he's pitched in, with a 11.57 K/9 Ratio. I wouldn't be surprised if Rosenthal is the one clinching St Louis' 2nd World Series Ring in the last 3 seasons.

Carlos Martinez:

Carlos Martinez is usually the 1st pitcher out of the bullpen for the Cardinals and for good reasons too. He's pitched in the most games than any Cardinals pitcher, 7 games and has a solid 2.70 ERA. Martinez has a chance to play a vital role for the Cards, coming out of the bullpen.

St Louis Cardinals are in their 4th World Series in the past 10 seasons and will win their 2nd of the 2000's, beating the Boston Red Sox in 7 games, in the 2004 World Series rematch.

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