Friday, October 11, 2013

Will Kyrie Irving Leave the Cavaliers When Given the Chance?

Kyrie Irving saying he won't leave Cleveland (I apologize for the Bleacher Report link but that was the only place where the video was) like LeBron did, in response to a young Cavaliers fans' question, made Irving even more beloved in the eyes of Cavs fans across the globe. The thing is, Cavs fans should have every reason to believe Kyrie won't leave.

Kyrie Irving does not seem like a person who would ring chase, which is what LeBron did, signing in Miami. Irving might even win a championship in Cleveland so their wouldn't even be a reason for him to chase after a ring. A major reason why LeBron left Cleveland was the fact that he had no one on his team that could really step up and take a part of the load off of LBJ, as he carried the team throughout his career with the Cavs, without any real help.

The Cavs decided to do something that they should of done while LeBron was there and that was create a good supporting staff for Kyrie. He already has so much talent around him, this early in his career. Irving's being set up to win; Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Bynum (if everything goes well for him), Jarrett Jack and the Cavs also have a a couple more players on there solid bench in Earl Clark, Alonzo Gee and Anderson Varejao (the better version).

What did LeBron have over his years in Cleveland? Shaquille O'Neal (the bad version), Anderson Varejao (the bad version), Delonte West, Zydrunas Igauskas, Mo Williams (whom he enjoyed the most success with), Carlos Boozer (before he became an All-Star) and Larry Hughes... or maybe not Larry; compared to Kyrie, LeBron didn't have anything.

What the Cleveland Cavaliers have going on is the recipe for success and multiple championships. The Cavs have so much talent on there team, they have multiple options for who to start. LeBron would've loved to have that. Cleveland Cavaliers love Kyrie Irving even more than LeBron James because he was the first player to give them a glimmer of hope after the beloved LBJ left and has provided them with tons of exciting moments.

The only thing that may entice Kyrie Irving to leave is wanting to play in a bigger market like a New York or a Los Angeles but I find that to be highly unlikely because once again, I don't think Kyrie Irving is that type of person. The market he plays in doesn't matter as much as the team and the team is going to be great in the up-and-coming years so no need to worry about. It is known that stars in smaller markets like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City are tied closer to the city and the fans and it's the same for Kyrie. LeBron was and still is closely tied to Cleveland but left because of the aforementioned chase for a ring and Irving won't need to do that. So Cleveland, take a sigh of relief because Kyrie Irving won't leave the Cavaliers and may even accomplish the nearly impossible task in the NBA these days and stay with one team throughout his whole career, becoming a Cav for life.

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