Monday, October 21, 2013

Vontae Davis thinks Colts beat Tom Brady

Indianapolis Colts corner back Vontae Davis made a mistake after the Colts 39-33 victory over the undefeated Broncos that he and NFL fans wont soon forget. You would think that after knocking off a top two team (The Denver Broncos) in a down to the wire game you would know the quarterback right? Well that is not the case here for Davis! After the hard fought victory he talks in a quick post game interview with an NBC reporter and what he says next will blow your mind. After the reporter asks "What did the defense have in their minds coming in to face this offensive juggernaut" and then the response from Davis? "Well we had a good week of practice, we prepared really hard for Tom Brady so I think it just carried over from practice to the game". What? I am sorry what did he just say? Thats right this guy said Tom freaking Brady! Did he not realize he was trying to intercept balls off of Peyton Manning all game long? Are you kidding me?

Not only will this probably be on Sports Center's Not Top 10 plays (trust me it will make it despite not being a play) and might go down as one of the worst mistakes/blunders in interview history. Maybe he was just tired from the long hard fought game, or maybe he smoked a little to much reefer (just kidding, but he looked like he did just a tad!), but either way this was the most idiotic interview I have seen in a long time! Come on man!

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