Monday, October 14, 2013

Browns' Fan Goes On Hilarious Rant About Brandon Weeden (Explicit)

After his Cleveland Browns lost 31-17 to the Detroit Lions yesterday, an extremely ticked off Browns fan took to YouTube to voice his frustrations.

This fan is right about Brandon Weeden's poor performance ... sort of. In regards to Weeden's fourth quarter interception, this fan is absolutely right. Weeden had no business throwing that pass. Like the fan said, Cleveland is still very much in the playoff hunt with a 3-3 record, but with Weeden under center the Browns' playoff chances look bleak. Hopefully Cleveland can get it together this Sunday as they travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers (and prevent another rant from this obviously fed up fan.)


  1. WOW so I guess that guy dosen't like bugs or Brandon Weeden all that much lol.


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