Monday, October 28, 2013

Tricked No Treat : Nightmare on Fantasy Street The Low Down on The Running Back Let Down

Halloween is upon us ,thoughts of candy and goblins and ghouls run a mock in our minds and the fate of our fantasy teams and where it all went wrong does as well. Just 8 weeks ago we all entered this season with thoughts of raising the cup ,flashing the ring and dominance .Now we are left scrambling to find that one hit wonder to get us on to the next week. What happened ?what went wrong ? damned if I know. The blame pie is big and not tasting to good we were all were told that picking running backs early was the way to go for success not so much. There are many to snare at,mock,give the evil eye to ,but truly there is only one person to blame ..., nah I'm blaming these three to start.

Alfred Morris Washington Redskins

1610 yards rushing ,13 touchdowns 100 yards per game average sounds good don't it ,sucker born every minute . Those gaudy stats are from that long ago season of 2012 and well this is not 2012. Morris a consensus top 5 pick in most ,if not all drafts ,has continued to disappoint owners thus far .With 472 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns a 78 yards per game average through 6 games and despite a recent run of descent numbers ,the star running back will cost many an owner a chance at that brass ring if he doesn't rebound in the second half. With that said he's a must start you never know .

C.J. Spiller Buffalo Bills

C.J. Spiller has become the invisible man in Bills backfield .The combination of injuries and the reemergence of Fred Jackson ,Spiller has become an afterthought as far as Start/Sit conversations are concerned ,and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Looking at the numbers his cup has not Spillered over it's down right empty . In 2012 Spiller averaged 77 yards a game and scored 6 touchdowns on the ground the outlook does not look good and it may be time to bite the bullet and say C YA to C.J.

Doug Martin Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Martin another consensus top 10 pick in preseason polls has had a disastrous 2013 season .Injured and not expected back until ( wishful thinking ) week 10 Martin has not lived up to the preseason hype that follow him into the current season averaging just 52 yards a game with 0 touchdowns it is easy to see why owners will be found sitting in the corner eating all the left over candy.

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