Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tru School Of Kicks: Nike Lebron 11 "Terracotta Warrior"

Throughout the course of his career I have made it very clear that I am no fan of Lebron James the player but have never been one to hate on the mans kicks. He is the biggest thing going on in basketball right now and his sneaker sales over the last few years validate that. If you follow me on twitter then you know that I am no fan of the Lebron 11's and a huge reason his a lot of the ugly colorways. The “Terracotta Warriors” are an exception to the rule though I absolutely love them.

The colorway on this Lebron 11 is one of the very few hits in my opinion for the years line of sneakers for King James. The base of the sneaker is a black and silver Oakland Raiders type look but the accents are what really give the shoe an edge. The purple and teal iconic Charlotte Hornets like colors make up the accents and really make this version of the 11's a potential classic for his 2013-2014 edition of his sneaker.

Sneaker head Score

Classic” Potential:7.9

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