Monday, October 14, 2013

Red Sox beat the Tigers 6-5 in dramatic walkoff

The Boston Red Sox looked to have no life through the first 8 innings of this baseball game as they got their first hit in only the 6th inning. The Sox were dominated by possibly the next AL Cy Young award winner in Matt Scherzer, it seemed the Red Sox might suffer a similar fate as the night before, struggling to only get their first hit. The Tigers struck first in the second inning as Alex Avila hit a single to center and Victor Martinez crossed the plate.

The Tigers destroyed Clay Buchholz in the top of the 6th inning. 4 total runs off of two home runs. Miguel Cabrera started it off with with a shot to left and into the monster. Then Victor Martinez added a double as Prince Fielder scored making it 4-0 Tigers, and just when you think the nightmare of an inning was over...Alex Avila hits a 2 run shot to right field as now we see the score stands at 5-0.  Scherzer pitched an absolute gem! Being a Red Sox fan it was hard to watch literally every single inning strikeout after strikeout...after strikeout! Scherzer struck out the Sox 13 total times before giving up two hits and a run in the 6th inning.

After the 6th it is 5-1 Tigers. Something you never see at Fenway, it was extremely quiet as the fans searched for something to cheer for. The Tigers pitching staff just kept dominating the Sox as more innings without hits and base runners.

After watching 7 innings of this game the casual MLB fan would think this game is over. At 5-1 many people would not think the Red Sox would have a chance at coming back against the dominating Detroit Tigers pitching staff. But that my friend...that casual MLB do not know the Red Sox way. Never give up, Never give in, always play until you've felt you have left it all on the field.

The Red Sox once again prove that they never give up, they never give in, even when they are down 5-1 going into the 8th inning of a huge ALCS game. The Red Sox load up the bases and there are now two outs, a game changing at bat. If the Sox leave these base runners stranded it would be looked at as virtually impossible to get past the 5-1 deficit in the bottom of the 9th inning. 

So who is going to be the hero? Who is going to tie this thing up? Who will keep the Red Sox in this game? And you guess who steps up to the plate...that's right...none other than the clutchest guy maybe in the game today "Big Papi" David Ortiz! I remember saying right before this at bat that there is no other guy that I would rather have in this position at this very moment. Oh and do you wonder what else I say...HES GOING TO HIT A HOME RUN! You guess what happens next, I am sure you watched the game but the first pitch of the at strikes...two outs...the fans out of their seats...BOOM...BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK (Ha I sound like Chris Berman!) GONEEEE! Its a home run right into the bullpen! Sox behind Big Papi's grand slam off of the change-up pitch tie the game at 5! I specifically remember the police officer in the bullpen hoist his hands up in celebration as 38 year old Tori Hunter painfully toppled over the wall of the bullpen. It looked really painful!

-The bullpen police officer celebrates as Tori Hunter tumbles and fails to catch Ortiz's grand slam ball

David Ortiz crosses the plate and just like that the Sox are right back in this! There is new life at Fenway! The crowd goes wild! Mike Carp strikes out but the damage is done and the Sox are right back in this! The clutchness of this moment was unimaginable and David Ortiz's late game heroics will go down in history as one of possibly the greatest moments in Boston Sports history (just an opinion, it was pretty great!).

Koji Uehara then does what he does best, finish it off and keep his opponents from getting on base. Koji gets the Tigers 1-2-3 as the Sox go into the 9th tied as they look to walk off and tie the series at 1 game a piece. Jonny Gomes is up first...and man does he start off the inning great. Gomes reaches 1st base safely as former Red Sox Jose Iglesias's throw doesn't reach in time  and gets past 1st baseman Prince Fielder. All of a sudden the Sox are threatening to win the game just that quickly. Up comes Jarrod Saltalamacchia, with a runner on 2nd this is the best chance for the Sox all game to capitalize. No outs either. Just when you thought the Sox couldn't be in a better gets better!

A wild pitch is thrown past Victor Martinez and Gomes advances to third! Salty now has the chance to end this game and make thisa series tied going into Detroit on Tuesday. I focus on the T.V. and BANG! The sweet crack from the bat sends the ball past Iglesias and into center field as Gomes crosses the plate and the Sox win it! Saltalamachia with the brilliant walk off single! The Red SOx bench clears as they go and chase the hero Saltalamachia around the bases until they pile up and celebrate as a team.

-The video below is my reaction to Jarrod Saltalamacchia's 9th inning walkoff to win the game 6-5

But Salty isn't the only hero tonight, the king of cluth David Ortiz is also a huge hero tonight, If it wasnt for his two out grand slam the Sox would be down 2-0 going into three staright games in Detroit. This game just proves why you should never count out the Red Sox even when you think they might be down and out. This team like I said before never gives up, never gives in, and always play till the last out and really can see why the Red Sox contain all three of those great qualities.

Today's game will be remembered for a long long time and just remember...never give up on the Red Sox no matter how far they trail, because they will never give up and never stop until they send their great fans home with a great win. The Red Sox tie the series 1-1 as they go to Detroit and play their game 3 of the ALCS on Tuesday in Detroit. What a game and what a day for Boston sports! Red Sox come from behind to win 6-5 off of Ortiz and Saltalamacchia's late game heroics and Tom Brady's last second touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins to beat the undefeated Saints 30-27!

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  1. David Ortiz is the most clutch player of the 21st century!


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