Friday, October 18, 2013

NBA 2K14 Gameplay Review

Ever since I've gotten NBA 2K14, I've been unable to stop playing it. It's either because I'm an NBA 2K addict or that it's a good game. I say it's a good game. If you say, "Oh, you're just saying that because you're addict". Well, what I got to say is, "Hi, I'm Harvin and ... I'm an addict and here are some reasons why this game is fun to play:"

The Defense:
  • Blocking:

This has to be one of my favourite part's, if not favourite part, of NBA 2K14. The 5 vs 5 experience is just so much better without those dunk animations that were cheese *Chris Smoove voice*. Unlike NBA 2K13, there's hope to stop the player from scoring when they go for a dunk and that has made playing this game so much more fun. 
  • Stealing:
The stealing in 2K14 is 10x better than that of 2K13's and that is because the stealing has become more realistic. At first, NBA 2K13's stealing was too easy because you could just jam the steal button without getting a foul called and after the patch, stealing became too hard with getting a foul called almost every time you tried to knock the ball out of the opposing player's hands. However, compared to NBA 2K13, NBA 2K14 has perfected it. It's the perfect balance. 

The Pick and Roll Button Change:

2K made some controversial control changes in NBA 2K14 but this one paid off. It's a simple change, the Pick and Roll button being changed from LB to the B button on XBOX 360 and L2 to the Circle button on PS3. It's a good change because it's so much easier to call a pick and roll and contributes to the flow of the game for you. 


In NBA 2K13, driving was rigged, whether it was coast to coast or from the three-point line. If you had LeBron, you could just hold on the speed bumper and push Left Stick forward and voila, dunk in the lane. The thing that is so great about driving in NBA 2K14 is that you can't do what you did in NBA 2K13 anymore. You'll get bumped and lose control of the ball sometimes, which I hate when it happens to me, but it certainly is better for the game. also says in their NBA 2K14 Review, "you'll get bumped, smothered and stonewalled — and you'll come away without the ball, let alone any points to show for your trouble". They also mention in their Review, that this all adds to the best game experience possible and I couldn't agree more.

LeBron James'... Hairline?:

Yes, for the 1st NBA 2K game ever, 2K Sports got LeBron James' hairline right! Shocked aren't you? Have a look yourself:

However, like any other NBA 2K game, it has its flaws and they are:

The Pro Stick:

The Pro Stick was the most controversial change from NBA 2K14. I hate the fact that you do dribble move and shoot with the same stick, without a modifier. It's so irritating when you accidentally shoot when trying to do dribble moves, especially in the My Career mode. Flashy passes got the modifier and I feel that 2K just did that to make the game seem cooler. Just like how Apple shows off the changes from each iPhone, even though they're so pointless but seem cool to people who can be easily manipulated, like children, 2K did the same thing. Not to discredit fancy passes, I mean they are fun but what are you going to use more? Fancy passes or the stick you use to perform dribbling moves. I hope they can somehow fix this in the next patch.

LeBron James:

Let me elaborate. LeBron James is still the rigged, overpowered player that was in NBA 2K13. I have had first-hand experience with this. Recently, I was playing NBA 2K13 Blacktop with my friend and I had LeBron and others, while he had defensive stalwarts like Andre Igoudala and Dwight Howard on his team. You can guess who won; the team with LeBron. It's not that my friend is a horrible 2K player, he's pretty darn good. It's just that during the whole game, I just used LeBron in isolation's and scored almost every single time. LeBron is a great player, in fact the best player in the NBA, but against a great defensive team like the one he had, he shouldn't of been this good. I hope in future NBA 2K games that LeBron James isn't as OP as he's been over the past couple games. 


The most simple issue on this list is the speed in NBA 2K14. What about the speed? You can be playing with a fast player like John Wall and be ahead on the fast break and have a not-so-fast player like LaMarcus Aldridge catch up as if they have the same speed rating. This doesn't happen every single time but happens a lot in the My Career mode. It's an issue NBA 2K players have been begging to get fixed over the past few games, yet this still hasn't been fixed. It's typical of 2K Sports to leave something unfixed.


The one thing I absolutely loved about NBA 2K13 was the alley-oop passing and calling. It was simply tapping the X and A buttons on XBOX 360 and the square and circle buttons on PS3. The alley-oop button combination in 2K13 made it so much easier on the user. In 2K13, 2K had finally perfected the alley-oop button but they changed something that didn't need changing; they pull an Astro (a verb that I created after the Houston Astros lost a no-hitter after pulling Erik Bedard, who had one going, after 7 innings). For NBA 2K14, the button combination is LT and X for XBOX 360 and L2 and X for PS3. It's basically the same as 2K12's, which was the LT and B buttons for XBOX 360 and L2 and circle for PS3. I wish they had kept last year's alley-oop combination but the change isn't that bad that it effects the game so much.

There may be more cons than pros that I listed but the pros were bigger pros than the cons were cons.

NBA 2K14 is as good as it's ever been, but it's not as special as I hoped it to be. I give this game:

Rating: 9.3/10


  1. I have yet to get the game, and may not til christmas. My friends and i always do fantasy drafts and take players who really suck in real life but are easy to use in the game. A couplre questions. Are hot streaks still there? Are threes unpredictable to go in? Was my Player improved? Do we still have to go through the interview stuff like on 13? Are the Rockets, Nets, and Heat OP?

  2. By hot streaks, do you mean when a player gets on fire? Then yes.
    Threes are still somewhat unpredictable.
    My Career was improved, I like it a lot more.
    You still have to go through the interviews.
    Just like my LeBron part in this article, those teams are OP.
    But trust me, get the game. It's worth it.


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