Sunday, October 27, 2013

Randy Orton Must Win Tonight

Like I've said in almost all of my posts here, WrestleMania 30 will be about legacies.

That is why Randy Orton must win. Daniel Bryan's 2013 started with Team Hell No ending and a rivalry with Randy Orton beginning. So far, if you look at it, it has been Bryan who has been triumphant over the Viper. Orton does not look weak, in fact, despite the fact that Bryan has constantly gotten the one-up over him this year, he looks stronger. It's why he needs to win. Not because Bryan was the top dog the Friday Night SmackDown before Hell in a Cell, but because he is the stronger man.
Oh, yay.

It's funny, because for once, the underdog needs to lose. This feud is paving way for what seems to be a great WrestleMania, simply because it will let Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan both move on to different things. I don't like Bryan, but for the 2014 WrestleMania, it has to be him in the title picture. I like Orton, it's why he has to find a different feud for Mania. It's why he has to win, to further Bryan's credibility.
These memes are just funny.

Trust me, there is no way Orton is going to win on his own. In fact that is why he must win, he won't look weak at all, losing to Bryan cleanly. It would, however, make Bryan look oh so much stronger, something he desperately needs. Orton will lose the title at Survivor Series or TLC, it will make Bryan look stronger. For one night, however, he needs to be weaker.


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