Saturday, October 19, 2013

NBA 2K14 Ratings Issues (VIDEO)

NBA2K14 has come with a lot of hype this year but after receiving mixed reviews among st my peers I decided to explore the simpler parts of the game such as ratings. After going through all the ratings in the game I was left flabbergasted as I failed to comprehend how certain players earned a certain rating. Lets begin shall we.

The Overrated

I have never been a fan of ever maximizing a players rating in any sports video game let alone NBA 2K14 so it should come with no surprise that I’m rather pissed off about Lebron James being rated a 99. If you watch the video up top you will see my reaction to that. 99 Is considered a gold standard in sports video game and what 2K sports is saying to me here when they rate him this high is “Lebron James is the perfect basketball player”. Now while James is playing st the highest level of his career and coming off back to back championships I think to rate anybody a 99 is blasphemous.

Another reason that really gets to me is because millions of people who absolutely, positively have no skills in 2K can just pick the Miami Heat and make up for their lack of skills with Miami's incredibly high rating and actually have a chance to win. By even making Lebron's rating just a little higher this makes it easier for scrubs on the sticks to get a win.

Kobe Bryant is another player I take issue with as far as rating due to the fact that at 93 his rating is the highest among shooting guards .Dwyane Wade was rated a 91 and James Harden was an 88.Kobe is a great player and has done so much for the game of basketball but he is not the best 2 guard in the game anymore nor is he better then Wade or Harden at this point in his career.

For other NBA 2K14 overrated players such as Brandon Jennings,Andrew Bynum and more watch the video up top.

The Underrated

Zach Randolph who is known as arguably the best power forward in the league and was an all-star just last season was given a rating of 83. Its messed up to say the least due to the fact that this is a guy who led the Grizzlies to the western conference finals against the spurs and averaged 17 points and 10 Rebounds in the playoffs. I think this is just a straight slap in the face to a guy who has been a huge part of making a once laughing stock a perennial playoff team.

James Harden who was also an all-star an regarded as arguably the best shooting guard in our league was given a rating of 88. Fans and players alike will tell you that the former 6th man of the year is elite so why isn't he rated at at least a 90. He earned it last season so rewarded him with the rating he deserves.

Final Thoughts

I Have been a huge 2K fan dating back to the Iverson days but they really need to get these ratings right. NBA Live (if its any good) will be purchased if 2K doesn't make any strides this season.


  1. I think 99's used to be the gold standard for video games, but now they're given out in basically every game that is released. Whether it be Calvin Johnson in Madden, or Mike Trout in MLB 2K, there seems to be at least one in every game. If it had to be someone, it was going to be LeBron.

    1. Yeah I get what you mean but it just takes away from the "realistic" aspect of what 2K always tries to emphasize.

  2. Lebron James is one of the greatest players if not the greatest player in this era of basketball. I think he has put himself into the category of the greats and should be rated a 99. He is coming off a repeat two finals MVPs and an olympic gold medal not to mention his 4th MVP. Agreed with everything else in the article though.

    1. Thanks for reading Rashaan! Nobody should have a 99 rating but of everyone in basketball he deserves it the most. I just don't agree with it.


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