Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Former #2 Pick: Rick Mirer Interview

I was lucky enough to exchange a couple questions-and-answers with the #2 pick in the 1992 NFL Draft, Rick Mirer. Here's how the interview went.

Alex Strouf: You were drafted second overall 20 years ago ('93). What was the coolest thing about the draft experience?

Rick Mirer: I decided not to go to NY for the draft so I could spend the time with my family. I'm really glad I did it that way. What a day.

AS: You played for several teams over the course of your career. What was that experience like? Is there a favorite? 

RM: It was a little more moving around than I planned on, but all the stops have a story. I loved the first couple of years in Seattle with Tom Flores. What a gentleman. Green Bay was unique, San Francisco and Oakland were much easier on my growing family. I met great people all along the way.

AS: Are you happy with the way your career ended, or did you wish to stick with one team throughout your career?

RM: I'm satisfied in the fact that I stopped on my own terms. I played 12 years and woke up one day and said, that's it. It was time to stop moving and I have never regretted the decision.

AS: What's the post-NFL life like?

RM: Post football life is interesting. Quickly everything became about family which I love. Then it became time to find something to do. I have done many different things to help grow my Mirer Family Foundation, coached several years of youth football,  and I started Mirror Napa Valley in 2008. Never a dull moment.

AS: I recently saw that you coach Pop Warner football. Is there any chance you get back to your old stomping grounds of Notre Dame?

RM: Actually, coaching at Notre Dame has crossed my mind. The idea of going back intrigues me in certain ways. I miss being challenged weekly with game plans and opponents. I think I could help Brian Kelly in a variety of ways. Who knows?

Who knows is right! That was an awesome interview experience, and I would personally love to see Rick go over to Notre Dame and join the coaching staff. Special thanks to Rick Mirer for making this happen. You can donate to the Mirer Family Foundation HERE and check out Mirror Wine Company HERE.

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  1. Dope interview! Congrats to Rick on being content with his life.


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