Sunday, October 13, 2013

What John Cena's Return Means

Back again, as I will be in two weeks. Now, continuing off of my last posts, this one is again about the Randy Orton-Daniel Bryan feud. What with John Cena, returning, as expected, much earlier than stated many people have been curious how he could potentially tie into the feud. The fact is that John Cena is the top star, and guys like CM Punk and Randy Orton are the lieutenants who cover for him when he's gone. That is how John Cena was to Brock Lesnar, that is how Brock Lesnar was to the Rock and yes, that is how the Rock was to Stone Cold Steve Austin.
What a role model.

However, John Cena's return is a battle with Alberto del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now, here is the fun part, the World Heavyweight Championship has been the title that people have considered to be devalued since Jeff Hardy left the company. I mean the last time it headlined a pay-per view was Kane vs. Undertaker in Hell in a Cell, more dramatics than anything.
Well, since we're going to be talking about momentum...

This year has had much less PPVs with John Cena headlining. We have had five, a new record guys! Now, given that most of the momentum behind Cena and ADR's feud seems to be Cena returning and del Rio not wanting to face him. It's a feud that is there for sake of Cena. It is not like the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton feud, which is there to elevate these two guys and make the company less dependent on John Cena. So far, it has worked. While I am sure that Battleground buys will be very low, they are probably higher than expected.

Hey, there's Wade Barret!

Now, John Cena's return either means that the company wants him to be on the second highest level for a while, in the World Title picture, or they are elevating the World Title to be higher than the WWE one. Given Brad Maddox and Triple H's involvement in the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton feud and the amount of traction and brutality that feud has gotten, the latter scenario is less likely. In fact, the first scenario is the most likely because giving Cena lower status will likely somehow lead to the Legacy match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30.
I don't know, I can't think of a good caption for this.

Cena's early return means nothing good for him, Alberto del Rio or the World Heavyweight Championship. Rather his early return means a spring of faith in Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton to be able to deliver without him being involved. This feud has been the most important feud since the John Cena vs. The Rock feud and just like that one paid off, so will this.


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