Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Must Headline WrestleMania 30

Now, while my last post was a little off trend, read my previous two posts to understand that this is a continuation of them. Again, this post will continue to explain why Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton's feud means so much to WWE right now. It's significance in furthering WWE through a "roster reboot" to make new stars more credible, and allow legacy matches at WrestleMania 30 have stars pass the torch to the new generation. The Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton feud is seeing to it that these matches get set, it's quite obvious we will be seeing Goldust vs Cody Rhodes and John Cena vs Undertaker. The most important match that must come out of the aftermath is the WWE Title match.
So this guy knocked up Kardashian?

Randy Orton himself will probably have a legacy match, but with whom, I can't tell. His feud with Daniel Bryan, however, cannot continue past Survivor Series. Whether Bryan finally gets the WWE Title then or not does not quite matter. What matters is that he must still be involved in the picture. I don't like Daniel Bryan and would choose a hundred different stars to put in his position. However, with his popularity, it has to be him.

Who is the one superstar, however, he could face him for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 30 in a match that defines the rise of the new generation? Undoubtedly it has to be CM Punk. Punk is the man who changed the WWE, he is the man whose pipe bomb allowed for feuds like The Rock and Cena to mean so much, he is the one who made sure that Zack Ryder's tweets could have an impact. I'm not going to say how he influenced them in this post, maybe some other one, but connect the dots and they lead to CM Punk.
How many did he demand respect from again? Cena, Ryback, Lawler, Hart and AJ LEE!

This match, however, has to headline WrestleMania 30. It cannot be the penultimate event or the one before that, it has to be the last event, the main event. It has to come after The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar (if that is what it is), it has to come after John Cena vs. The Undertaker (but it won't); it has to main event. What better way to show that WWE is all about new things and not John Cena? It will likely not happen, but if it did, WWE would show the world a new direction, enhanced focus on the WWE Title, enhanced focus on new superstars, an overall better product.

Do it WWE, do it.

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  1. Those guys both seem ideal for headling Wrestlemania.


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