Monday, October 14, 2013

Does Andrei Kirilenko Have the Best Wife Ever?

Andrei Kirilenko may be the luckiest man in the world; he's a millionaire, playing for a Russian billionaire in one of the best places in America, Brooklyn. He's also married to the love of his life, Masha Kirilenko (formerly known as Masha Lopatova) who is not a slacker in the beauty column and who... lets him cheat on him once a year, as long as she knows about it. Yeah, you heard me right. Andrei Kirilenko's wife is okay with giving him a "Hall Pass" once a year, as long as she knows about it. On top of this fact, Masha Kirilenko is a pop singer so she probably sings to him every night, before they go to sleep. Talk about the full package. Andrei's an NBA player and Masha's a pop-star; sounds more like a reality show to me.

Her reasoning why she lets Andrei Kirilenko cheat on her once per year is because she says it's in a man's nature, to be unable to resist temptation (sports athletes have women fall over them in every city they are in and being a man myself, that'd be hard to resist) and that the reason why she lets him cheat once a year is the same reason why she doesn't forbid her children from eating pizza; once something is off limits, it's all a person wants. By making it acceptable for him to cheat on her, she's making it less appealing. The thing that I find interesting is that Andrei Kirilenko says he doesn't plan on taking advantage of this opportunity (if I were him, I wouldn't either) and that he agrees with his wife's logic. Why would he cheat on her anyways, even with the opportunity? They have been married happily for 13 years and have 2 sons. In all honesty, Andrei and Masha Kirilenko seem like the perfect couple.

Here's some pictures of Andrei Kirilenko to finish this off:

This is just... strange.

Now that's a dealmaker, looking like Ivan freakin' Drago.

Isn't he just the best husband material?


  1. Wow I cant believe that I never realized that AK-47 looked like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. I think its cool that she gives him a hall pass but me personally if I were ever "In love" with a woman i'd never abuse that and I hope AK-47 doesn't either. On the other hand though the fact this his wife can actually understand from a mans point of view is pretty cool.

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