Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are The Dallas Cowboys Better Than 4-4?

Going into the season, the Cowboys are usually the favorite to win their division. But, as everyone likes to say, when the pressure is on Tony Romo, he tends to choke. This season, Romo shouldn't carry any of the blame. Dallas has the talent to win the NFC East, behind Dez Bryant, DeMarcus Ware, Sean Lee and under the reigns of Jason Garrett. Dallas has played very well this season, despite their 4-4 record.

Offensively, they've been as good as they can get. There shouldn't be any complaints there, Romo has thrown for over 2,220 yards so far this season, with 18 touchdowns and five interceptions. Even though Dez Bryant is his number one guy, Romo does pretty well spreading the ball around. Bryant, has 45 receptions, Witten has 37 and the rookie, Terrance Williams has 24. Before suffering a knee sprain in Week 6, DeMarco Murray had been running the ball fairly well. With 428 yards, on 91 carries, averaging 4.7-yards-per-carry and three touchdowns. Through eight weeks, the Cowboys are tenth in total offense, eighth in passing yards-per-game, and 27th in rushing yards-per-game.

 Enough about the offense, lets talk about what the Cowboys like to call their "defense." They've been embarrassed in almost every game this season, outside of their performance in week one against the Giants. On average, they give up 315.4 passing yards to opposing quarterbacks (32nd in the NFL), giving up 23.3 points-per-game (20th in the NFL). In the four losses that the Cowboys have suffered this year, each game was within reach. The biggest margin of defeat was nine points, against the Chargers. Outside of San Diego, every other game was a one possession game, in order since their first loss: 1, 3, 1. When the defense does play well, they let it go down in the drain, in the final quarter. 

Dallas, is a better team then their record portrays, even though their defense says otherwise. Where Tony Romo is doing everything in his power to put them in position to win, the defense tends to let them down. Especially in the game against Denver. Yes, Romo did throw that interception on what could have been the game-winning drive. But he doesn't deserve all of the blame, the defense and Jason Garrett should get the bulk of it. When there was approximately 1:50 left on the clock, Jason Garrett should have made the suggestion to let Knowshon Moreno walk into the endzone, to get the ball back with 1:45, giving Tony Romo a chance to march up the field and tie the game.

 And although they've played well, the worst part is, where they've been awful, the Giants are only two games out of the division lead. Even with their 2-6 record. But, the rest of the division is struggling, and even though they are only 4-4 the Cowboys are the best team in this division. So yes, The Dallas Cowboys are better than a 4-4 team.

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