Monday, October 28, 2013

The Informer's NFL Monday Afternoon Reactions

Calvin Johnson did something on Sunday that hasn't been done since 1989.

What an NFL Sunday.

To be honest The Informer does not even know where to begin. There were career days, record breaking performances, good teams handling business as usual and of course Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos doing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos things.

We will get to all of the amazing moments in a second, but first The Informer wants to start with the days, the years and even this centuries best performance.

“Informer I know Drew Brees’ 331 yards passing and 5 TD in the New Orleans Saints 35-17 dismantling of the Buffalo Bills was impressive; but the performance of the century? That is going a little over board isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong figment of The Informer‘s imagination, Brees was great on Sunday; however The Informer had someone else in mind.

“So you are going to talk about “The Redheaded Gunslinger” Andy Dalton who became the first quarterback since 1988 (Dan Marino) to throw for five touchdowns against the New York Jets?”

Yes Dalton was very good in the Cincinnati Bengals 49-9 victory over the Jets. In fact if it was any other day we would probably be leading with his game. Sadly yesterday Dalton’s career day was just a minor blip on the radar.

“Oh I know, your going to talk about the NFL MVP Tom Brady who was able to lead the New England Patriots to a 27-17 victory despite only throwing for 116 yards. Your right that was an unbelievably historic game.”


“Well the only other person you could be starting with then is Marvin Jones.”


“Marvin Jones.”


“You know the Bengals WR who set a franchise record with 4 TD receptions on the Sunday?”

Sorry The Informer thought you were talking about someone else.

But yes Jones was great yesterday and although becoming the 38th player in NFL history to catch four touchdowns in a single game is impressive; Jones does not beat out a guy who did something yesterday that only four people in the history of the league have done.

On Sunday Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson became the fourth player in NFL history to record 300 yards receiving.

Johnson’s 14 catch 329 yard day helped lead the Lions to a 31-30 victory while becoming the first WR in 24 years to top the 300 yard mark.

Believe it or not, Johnson’s 329 receiving yards is not an NFL record.

Johnson came seven yards short of former Los Angeles Rams WR Flipper Anderson, who set the record of 336 yards back in 1989. Since that time no one has come close to breaking it until Johnson on Sunday.

The Informer could literally talk about Johnson’s performance all day, but why don’t we do five quick hit thoughts and then move on to the rest of the action.

Did you know that there are 16 teams in the NFL this season that have yet to throw for 329 yards in a game?

Did you know that this was Johnson’s fifth career game going over the 200 receiving yard mark? Johnson is currently tied with Lance Alworth for the most 200 yard receiving games in NFL history.

Besides Johnson and Anderson, Kansas City Chiefs WR Stephon Paige (309 yards in 1985) and Rams WR Jim Benton (303 yards in 1945) are the only other WR to top the triple century mark in a single game.

On the day Johnson had 8 catches of over 20 yards. The Informer is going to assume that is some kind of record.

And finally, its scary to think that Johnson’s day could have been even better if “The Megatron” had not been tackled on the one yard line twice.

That sound you are hearing right now is every Johnson fantasy football owner having “Nam-like” flashbacks to last season when Johnson was tackled inside the five yard line eight different times.

Speaking of fantasy; The Informer lost to a guy in one of his leagues yesterday by one point. The guy got a big boost from his wide receivers getting a combined 56 points from his two starters.

Johnson provided 55 points and Ryan Broyles gave him the much needed 1.

You know what they say --fantasy football is a team game.

One last thought before we move on: Until Johnson retires if The Informer tries to mention another WR in the same breath as him please fill free to call me a moron. There is no longer a question of whether Johnson is the best in the league (He is by far) the question is now where is he going to finish as on of the all-time greats.

Honestly if you look at it, his numbers are starting to pile up and the freak of nature that he is don’t expect them to stop anytime soon.

That is enough with the single best WR performance The Informer has seen since Randy Moss had a four TD first half game against the Buffalo Bills in 2007; why don’t we move onto what The Informer liked about Week 8 of the 2013 NFL Season.

Matt Stafford having fun, running around like he was on the playground, while throwing laser rocket side arm passes before diving over the pile to win the game in the final seconds sure reminded The Informer of someone.

The Informer can’t quite put his finger on who it was though.

Does anyone else remember a “Gunslinger” who would throw crazy interceptions yet would always win in the end while having more fun than anyone else?

Maybe if The Informer asks the St. Louis Rams they would be able to help jog my memory.

At any rate, Stafford’s final drive was one of the most exciting minutes of football The Informer has watched this season.

Here is what The Informer scribbled down while trying to catch his breath after Stafford‘s heroics:

“What a ending in Detroit . . . WOW . . . WOW . . . WOW . . . Matt Stafford on his own . . . What a comeback . . . Anadlkjady!!!”

The Informer is pretty sure the last part was supposed to say something about game winning fireworks. 

Moving along, if you turned the game on a second to late (Like The Informer did) then you would have missed Terrelle Pryor setting an Oakland Raiders team record with his 93- yard TD run on the first play of the Raiders 21-18 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who held the Raiders record for longest run before Pryor broke it on Sunday?

That would be the one and only Bo Jackson.

Jackson ran for a 92 yard TD against the Bengals on November 5th 1989 (1989 is a pretty popular year today).

Pryor’s run also set an NFL record for the longest run ever recorded by an NFL quarterback.

Hey speaking of records, New York Giants QB Eli Manning moved passed Phil Simms on Sunday for the most career passing yards in Giants history.

Peyton’s little brother now has 33,694 yards and counting.

The Informer has a quick question: Has there been a more consistent running back over the past nine seasons than the San Francisco 49ers Frank Gore? The guy who was predicted by many at the beginning of the season to take a step back added 71 yards and 2 TD in the 49ers 42-10 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For the year, Gore is now third in the NFL in rushing yards and seventh in total touchdowns.

Ladies and gentlemen The Informer hates to do this to y’all, but we have reached the point where you are not allowed to continue reading unless you can answer the Dora the Explorer “Grumpy Old Troll” riddle of the day (The Informer is only kidding if you don‘t get the riddle right you can continue to read).

What do the numbers 76, 80, 72 and 63 have to do with Sunday?

If you answered the winning numbers for one of The Informer’s” Catch-All Keno games you would be wrong. Now if you said they were the total yards of the 49ers first four drives on Sunday then you may continue over the “Grumpy Old Troll Bridge.”

And yes each of the first four drives, which took all of 32 plays, ended in 49ers touchdowns.

If you are starting to feel bad for the London fans that had to watch the 42-10 shellacking --don’t. The crowd stayed engaged and rowdy throughout the game and at one point the entire stadium even took part in one of the coolest “Waves” The Informer has ever seen. 

Just for fun, here is one more “Grumpy Old Troll” number’s riddle: 14,17,3,1, 15,9,10, 6.

Again if you answered the “Illinois State Lottery” winning numbers you would be wrong.

No these are the total number of plays the Green Bay Packers needed to score on their first eight possessions in their 44-31 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football.

On the evening the Packers scored on eight of their nine drives Sunday night.  They probably would have scored on all nine of their drives, but on the final possession of the game they decided to stop the Vikings bleeding with a knee to run out the clock.

Speaking of scoring at will, the Broncos scored 38 unanswered points in the final 22 minutes of their 45-21 victory over the Washington Redskins.

Now The Informer has no way to prove this, but in my mind Manning was just helping former Broncos great John Elway get some revenge on the team that defeated him in Super Bowl XXII.

If you remember January 31st 1988, the Broncos and Elway took a 10-0 lead after one quarter before Doug Williams and the Redskins exploded for 42 straight points to win the Lombardi Trophy.

So again The Informer can’t prove it, but something tells me Manning let the Redskins take the 21-7 lead just so he could help Elway exact some revenge with a late game scoring spree.

One thing The Informer can prove is on Sunday Manning added 354 yards passing and 4 TD to his season numbers, which now puts him on pace for 5,838 yards and 58 TD passes.

If your scoring at home those would both be NFL records.

Did you all see Vikings rookie Cordarrelle Patterson return the opening kick-off 109-yards for the score. The 109-yards ties Baltimore Ravens return man Jacoby Jones and now Jets CB Antonio Cromartie for the longest TD return in NFL history.

Okay before we wrap this up here why don’t we try and ramble our way through the rest of The Informer’s Sunday notes.

Aaron Rodgers completed 82 percent of his throws against Minnesota. That is a single game career high for the Packers signal caller.

Not many have made better catches then Dez Bryant’s one handed TD catch. Jumping over the defenders for a one handed TD probably had Dallas fans thinking of the Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens golden eras.

Not many have had bigger more public outburst yelling at their coaches, teammates and quarterbacks like the one Dez Bryant had on Sunday. The tantrum probably had Dallas fans thinking of the Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens golden era.

Josh Gordon you continue to be one of the best young WR in the NFL. Because of you the Cleveland Browns were able to hang close in their 23-17 loss in Kansas City. If The Informer were an NFL team and the Brows were  trying to trade the young play-makers, he would be offering up a first round pick.

Gordon has that much talent.

P.S.- The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday and The Informer is anxious to see if Maurice Jones-Drew, Gordon, Hakeem Nicks or Larry Fitzgerald will be traded.

Wasn’t it nice to see Colin Kaepernick running around making plays and looking like a young Randall Cunningham again?   

 Drew Brees to Kenny Stills is starting to become a thing people. Adjust your fantasy rosters accordingly.

On Sunday the Cowboys became the second team ever to loose a game with a +4 turnover advantage.

This type of head scratching historic loss is the exact reason the Cowboys have been a middle of the road mediocre team for the last 16 years.

Don’t believe me, the Cowboys record is 132-132 since 1997. At least they are consistent right?

Despite the historic loss and mediocrity; it was not all bad for the Boys as WR Terrance Williams set a Dallas rookie record with his fourth straight game with a touchdown catch.

Also Sean Lee added two more INTs on Sunday for the Dallas defense. The best ball-hawking middle linebacker in the NFL now has 11 picks in four seasons as the Cowboys defensive playmaker.

Did you all see Jordy Nelson’s 76-yard TD catch Sunday night?

It was the fourth time in his career he has caught a TD that went longer than 75-yards. To put that in perspective, the sixth year pro now has as many touchdowns over 75-yards as the great Randy Moss had in his entire career.

The Informer has seen the refs make some bad calls before, but the penalty on the Miami Dolphins for pushing the ball forward on Sunday was one of the worst. Watching the replay you can clearly see the Dolphins player is trying to recover the fumble and the ball squirted free, yet the refs still called a penalty on Miami.

So instead of Pats ball third and 25, the refs making an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the Dolphins (You can’t intentionally fumble the ball forward is what they called) gave the Pats a new set of downs. New England would cash in their free gift with the game clinching touchdown.

The Informer has just one question: Was this a make-up for the bogus call that went against the Pats in their Week 7 loss?

Hey do you all know who is leading the NFL with 9 TD catches? It is the one and only Wes Welker. After watching Brady throw for 116 yards on Sunday this stat has to make New England fans cringe.

Furthermore, this week Welker was one of the main reasons Manning went over the 300 yard passing mark for a NFL record 79th time. Welker is also one of the main reasons the Broncos have an NFL record 336 points through eight games.

Before we go The Informer has to give some credit where credit is do.

People can say what you want about their schedule (And The Informer has), but the Kansas City Chiefs continue to take care of business. 

They are now 8-0 on the season after handling a poor Browns team on Sunday.

With the Chiefs it is never pretty, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is winning. Next up is a trip to Buffalo before they have an extra week to prepare for Peyton Manning and company.

If the Chiefs do win their next two games they will be 10-0 for the first time in franchise history. The previous best start was in 2003 when they began the season 9-0.

That is it for a historic Week 8 of the NFL season.

Now if you will excuse me, The Informer just saw one of those Blimpie commercials with the talking turkey and cheese sandwich that reminded him he needs to make a sandwich run.

See you all next week.

Tonight The Informer is taking the Seahawks 33-11. The Rams will not keep this close. 

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