Monday, October 21, 2013

Redskins Week 7 Recap... Where does this team stand??


     Filing out of FedEx Field Sunday afternoon, Washington Redskins fans had to feel like they had a new lease on life after their football team edged out a gritty 45-41 win over the Chicago Bears. The big win yesterday meant that the Redskins held their heads above water in a lukewarm NFC East in which only division leader Dallas (4-3) possesses a record at or above .500.  While the statement ‘a win is a win in the NFL’ rings true, outside of the fact that Robert Griffin III appears to be becoming his old self, the Skins still make fans such as myself extremely nervous. This coinciding sense of demise that goes along with the new lease on life is a feeling that is all too familiar to Redskins fans, and DC sports fans in general, as there is always something dampening the mood around the nation’s capital. Keep in mind while reading this that I am a diehard Skins fan who bleeds burgundy and gold, however I find it necessary at points to just put it all out there on the table and not gloss over the rough stuff; it’s simply the right thing to do and we are just lying to ourselves in Skins Nation otherwise.
Skins QB Robert Griffin III seems to have those dynamic legs
back under him as he kept the Bears D guessing all game.
      Yes, RG III looked like his spry old self yesterday, evading tacklers and re-establishing his legs as weapons on the way to an 84 yard rushing, 298 yard passing day. By proving to the league that he can once again hurt teams with his legs, Griffin opened up aspects of the offense that we had not yet seen since this season. Alfred Morris saw more consistent touches and bigger holes while racking up 95 yards on the ground, and rookie standout tight end Jordan Reed was the beneficiary of clear passing lanes created by the threat of the run, as he caught 9 balls for 134 yards and a touchdown. Roy Helu finally got his season rolling, scoring 3 red-zone touchdowns against a bewildered Bears defense. Finally, DeAngelo Hall appeared to continue his domination over big-time receivers, blanketing Brandon Marshall all day long. So now that you are all giddy, let me snap you back to the reality of the Redskins situation.

Bears QB Jay Cutler going down at the hands
of Chris Baker, he would not return.
      Yes, the offense was thrilling to watch and brought back memories of the unit that led the Redskins to the 2012 NFC East title, however I think I have a few things to turn that smile upside down. What the Skins offense did yesterday was great, but keep in mind a lot of it was done without the opposition of Chicago’s All-Pro’s Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman. The defensive secondary appeared porous as it always does, missed tackles were once again an issue, and the pass rush seemed relatively non-existent for long stretches during the game. On a final defensive note, the play of safety Brandon Merriweather needs to be called into question again as he continued to target defenseless receivers downfield. While I refuse to argue against Merriweather’s style of play and personally love his intensity, the issue here is that he could very easily be suspended for next week’s game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, leaving rookie Baccari Rambo as the starter against a future Hall of Famer. Add in the fact that Reed Doughty may be out because of the concussion he received yesterday, and next week has some scary implications.

Budding star, TE Jordan Reed
Let’s also keep in mind that both wins this season for the Skins have come against backup quarterbacks. Granted, Josh McCown looked pretty damn good, better than Jay Cutler in fact, but it still needed to be said. And of course, we cannot forget the special teams, who allowed another return for a touchdown yesterday. Not only are the punt and kick coverage units struggling mightily, the return teams for the Redskins rarely if ever give the team favorable starting field position, which will be key down the stretch in divisional match-ups.

Well, there it is people; it’s all out on the table: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the special teams. At 2-4 headed into Week 8, the Redskins are surprisingly in a decent position within the NFC East and have begun to show signs of life reminiscent of last season. There is a long way to go, but in football things must be taken one week at a time, and Sunday’s must-win game was all in all a success. Now let’s see what Peyton has in store for us…..


  1. This game wouldn't have been close if cutler stayee healthy

  2. I respectfully disagree... Cutler had already been picked, was getting pressured constantly, and his team had 46 yards of offense with him in. Bears had over 330 in second half with McCown.

  3. I have been following you for awhile now and I think all your articles are complete BS and you repeat stuff in every article

  4. Why are you being anonymous then? I am new to all of this and enjoy the criticism so that it makes me a better writer in the long run. Any repetition that is occurring is because the Skins do the same thing every week.

  5. Astute observations about yesterday's game. Good point about our kick return teams being as inefficient as the kick coverage teams. I'm surprised we couldn't find a valid replacement for Richard Crawford and Chris Thompson.

    One thing I would like to add was the awful run defense in the second half. How did we get caught off guard by Forte when their backup QB was in the game? I think Haslett outsmarts himself sometimes.

  6. Agreed, on top of that I am really curious why Jarvis Jenkins is not starting. Kendric Gholston really?? At the beginning of the season, Jenkins suspension was a BIGGGG deal and now I cannot find one Redskin reporter or official who can tell me why he is not even starting

  7. I also do my own little sports blog on my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys! I'm also just getting started and I think writing the way you feel about your teams helps you to be objective about your team. Nobody wants to hear all good all the time. I think this article was well written and easy to follow. Of course I hate the skins but I will support your articles. Follow me at +michaelwoodson and check out my Cowboys articles!

  8. Skins look better hopefully you guys don't finish under 500.

  9. Will do, I appreciate the feedback Michael!!


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