Monday, October 28, 2013

Rutgers To Wear Special Helmets Honoring Hurricane Sandy Victims

     One year ago, on October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast - New Jersey especially - killing 117 people. To honor the victims of that unfortunate event, Rutgers will be wearing these helmets when they take on Temple this Saturday: 

     The helmets include a special outline of the state of New Jersey behind the red block R on the side of Rutgers helmets. Being from Houston, hurricanes & natural disasters have ravaged my hometown more than once. I still remember Hurricane Ike like it was yesterday. It wasn't a fun situation. Despite the fact that school got cancelled for two weeks, nothing good came out of Hurricane Ike. However, after Hurricane Ike hit, people in the community came together & helped each other get back on their feet. That's the beauty of the whole situation. Rutgers tribute to those lost in the tragic event will certainly ease some of the pain & help heal the wounds of a still recovering community.  


  1. The stuff looks so productive for bikers.I was keenly searching this for my husband

    1. Umm ... I'm not sure how that's relevant to the article, but okay. Haha


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