Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Latest On Kevin Ware

     Louisville guard, Kevin Ware, was recently cleared to practice with his teammates last week - over 6 months after he suffered a gruesome leg injury. Ware, who will be a junior this upcoming season, has almost fully healed from the devastating leg injury he suffered back on March 31st against Duke in the Elite 8. He has exceeded expectations, in terms of a timetable for his return to the court, and could possibly be ready to play when the Louisville Cardinals open up their season against College of Charleston on November 9th.

     Ware's road to recovery has been downright amazing. He has used his journey back to the basketball court as a way to inspire others who are dealing with injuries of their own, and he has shown the world that anything is possible. Will Ware still be the same player that he was before his terrible injury? That is still yet to be seen, but the fact that he has worked his butt off to be back on the court is already enough of an accomplishment, in my opinion. It should be a very intriguing story to follow leading up to the 2014 college basketball season.

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